By: Gennita Low



To Father and Mother Ranger Buddy, my Warrior Friend Stash, my Secret Warrior

Dedicated to all the warriors, those in the crossfire, who bravely served or are serving.

Special thanks to Sandy Stills who witnessed the birth of Cumber in the pink room and Karen King for copy editing.



He could hear the story being passed around his team now. The Stooges pretty in pink. The Stooges spent a night together on a pink four-poster bed. The Stooges had pink bathrobes and slippers.

“Ya gotta admit, Cumber, pink is sexy.”

“I prefer them on my women, hidden away for my pleasure,” he said.

“True, but maybe this room was meant to be inspiring, right, Dirk?”

“Mink, if you’re spotting a boner, you get to sleep on the floor.”

Lucas Branson, AKA Cucumber by his SEAL team mates, came from a family of warriors. His father was an Airborne Ranger of the 173rd, the biggest, baddest fighting group of men ever. His cousins were scattered around the world, playing war games in special operations and doing what warriors do best, bringing down the enemy. He came from a family of tall men, big hulks descended from, as his father liked to tell him when he was a kid, giants who ruled the earth. And he’d grown up believing his father as he grew up towering over shorter men and taking lessons to become the next warrior-in-line in a family fueled by competition and medals.

And now he was a SEAL, the U.S. Navy’s special operations force specializing in Sea, Air and Land where the biggest, baddest group of boys resided. His team mates were his best friends and part of the family, and he didn't let anybody get to him. They called him Cucumber—Cumber for short—because he always kept his cool, no matter the situation.

But not tonight. Tonight, he was thinking about killing his sister. He loved her very, very much, but yeah, he might just strangle her.

He stared up at the bright pink canopy above him with its frilly lace and big bows and drooping flowery shit with children's faces inside them, all smiling down on the bed occupants. Strings of pink pearls dangled, waving gently.

It had to be a slow death. Because he knew she was laughing her ass off right now. A slow, painful...”

"Hey, Cumber, how big is your dick?"

“I’m in a fucking pink bed with two men in a fucking pink room. My head is resting on a fucking pink pillow the shape of a pink flamingo. I’m not discussing my dick with you.”

“But what else can you talk about on a pink bed in a pink room?” Dirk insisted. “Unless you want to chitchat about the pearls and bows. Or the cupids around the pink mirror. I was mesmerized by them while using the pink hairdryer.”

Mink gave a loud sigh. “I need a dose of manhood. Let’s talk about Cumber’s dick. A huge dick should cure us from an overdose of estrogen. Come on, Cumber, how big is your dick?”

Lucas ignored his friends. His sister...what was the best way for revenge? Maybe he could sit on her till she begged for mercy. Except, she had a black belt and as a big brother, he’d taught her quite a few moves to protect herself. He used to hide her favorite toy, but at their age he needed something a bit more...painful.

“You know he’s got the biggest dick of all of us,” Dirk said, “so why the need to know?”

“If it’s so damn big, why didn’t he have the balls to say no to the Pink Room?”

Lucas closed his eyes as his two friends, having made their point, roared out laughing. They were very close buddies—they were often called the Stooges—so close they could adlib a whole comedy routine without a script on the spot. He’d known one was coming the moment they’d stepped into the Pink Room, the “most popular” suite at his aunt’s B&B.

The laughter went on for a good minute, till his friends were holding their stomachs and choking. He lay there, waiting for it to subside. He could turn on the TV, except holding on to a pink sparkly remote would just set them off again. He stared resolutely at his feet at the end of the bed, peeking out of the dark pink comforter. Yeah, if he had time, he’d sew up Lulu’s sleeping bag so the next time she went out camping, she would get a nice surprise when she tried to crawl in and stretch out after a nice hike. Except that kind of revenge took too long to realize. He wanted to get back at her now.

“You know, Cumber,” Dirk finally gasped out, “when she said, ‘The Pink Room will be perfect for you and your gentlemen friends to relax in,’ I was having visions of your stately aunt being a madam of a secret boudoir, especially when she added, ‘You’ll find lots in the room for entertainment. Enjoy yourselves, boys!’ I thought maybe she was pulling our legs or something. I never expected this!”