Trouble in a Tight Dress(69)

By: Lori Sjoberg

“I don’t know, but she must have had a good reason.”

From his left, he heard a woman’s voice shout his name. Austin turned in time to see Dorcas rushing in his direction. Her clothes were disheveled, her hair a bit mussed, and anxiety was plain on her face.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, confused. One of his best men had escorted her to Miami and was supposed to provide protection until it was safe for her to return. “Where’s Reyes?”

“We got ambushed at a rest stop on I-95. The last time I saw him, he was tied up in a hotel room. They said they wouldn’t hurt him if I did what they said. I’m fine, by the way. Thanks for asking.”

“Sorry, I’m just—” Worried. Pissed off. Scared to death. The barrage of emotions knocked him off-kilter. Ruthlessly, he pushed them aside so he could concentrate on what mattered most: getting Nina back safely. “I’m glad you’re okay. Do you know where Ivan took Nina?”

Dorcas shook her head. “His guys didn’t talk much when I was around. The only time they ever said anything directly to me was when they called Nina and ordered me to tell her that I hadn’t been harmed.”

That explained why Nina had gone with her brother without putting up a fight.

Nate’s features hardened as he put two fingers beneath Dorcas’s chin and tipped her head up into the light. “They hit you.”

“Only once, after I clawed one of the guys who dragged me into a van.” She pulled her head away. “It’s okay. I took better hits from my sisters when I was a kid.”

Her answer didn’t seem to appease Nate, who looked as though he was about to blow a gasket.

“Did you see Nina before they let you go?” Austin asked.

“Yeah, but only for a second, and we didn’t get to talk.”

“How did she look?”

“How do you think she looked? She just got coerced into going God-knows-where with her psycho brother.” She cursed under her breath. “I’m sorry. That was out of line. It’s just…I don’t know…”

“I know. I’m worried about her too.”

At last, the fire alarm went silent, and an audible sigh went through the crowd. The red lights on the fire truck switched off as people started to file back into the building.

“So what do we do now?” Dorcas asked.

“Track Nina’s GPS. Hopefully, we’ll find her before Ivan realizes she’s wearing a wire.”

Chapter Twenty-Two

AS THE LIMOUSINE cruised down the expressway, Nina glared darts at her brother, who’d snatched her purse and was rooting through its contents. At the moment, she was too mad to be scared, but she expected that to change once the adrenaline wore off.

“You won’t need this.” He rolled down the window and tossed out the tube of lipstick that was actually a listening device. “Or this.”

Out flew the GPS tracker disguised as mascara.

“Why don’t you throw out the whole damn purse while you’re at it?”

“That won’t be necessary.” He handed her the bag. “I only wanted to ensure no one could eavesdrop or track our movements.”

Nina bit back a sigh of relief, thankful that Ivan had stopped searching after he found the devices in her purse. If he’d searched her as well, he might have found the additional recorder and the GPS tracker taped to the underside of her shoe. When Ty had given her the extra gadgets, she’d thought he was just being paranoid, but now she thanked her lucky stars that Austin’s brother had planned for the worst-case scenario.

“You owe me a phone, by the way. Two, if you count the one I lost when your minions kidnapped me.” Nina crossed her arms as she stared at the scenery zipping by. From what she could tell, they were heading to the west side of town, but she wasn’t familiar with that area. “Where are we going anyway?”

“You’ll see when we get there.”

Okay, that sounded fairly cryptic. Resigned to her fate—at least for the time being—she slumped against the seat. For now, her only option was to put on a brave face, continue with her plan, and hope Austin found her before anything awful happened.

The limo exited the expressway, and after another twenty minutes and a lot of twists and turns, it pulled up to a wrought-iron gate. The armed guard at the booth gave them a nod, and then the gate slowly rolled open. Once they were through, it rolled shut behind them. To Nina, it felt like the slam of a prison door.

A light rain began to fall as the limo turned onto the brick circular drive and stopped in front of the house. The place was huge, with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked an immaculate yard. The driver got out and opened the back door, and Ivan ushered Nina inside.

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