Trouble in a Tight Dress(3)

By: Lori Sjoberg

Without a doubt, the man knew how to kiss, which really didn’t surprise her. Not that she’d thought much about it—okay, maybe a little, and every so often her mind strayed into dangerous territory. In addition to being tall, dark, and drop-dead gorgeous, the man was seriously built. He was big but not bulky, with a broad chest, muscular arms, and she didn’t even want to think about what was going on below the belt. Then again, how could she not? A woman’s self-control only went so far.

But he was also her boss, so she wasn’t about to go there. She liked her job, as well as the people she worked with—especially Larissa, who’d become her closest friend—and she refused to let her hormones jeopardize the new life she’d built for herself.

The door swung open behind Austin, and a man let out an inarticulate sound of surprise. Austin didn’t seem to hear it—or perhaps he simply ignored it, because he slid his fingers into her hair and continued to plunder her mouth. Despite the fact they were being watched, or maybe because of it, her body immediately responded. Heat flared inside her, pushing out from her core, and rushed to all of her nerve endings like fierce invisible flames.

Her lips parted on a moan and Austin took full advantage, his tongue sweeping inside to caress hers. God, he tasted incredible, masculine and rich, and the hunger she always felt for him ignited into a full-blown craving. If he’d gotten her this worked up with just his mouth, she could only imagine what he was capable of doing when he used every weapon in his arsenal.

She expected the person who opened the door to say something, but instead, she heard the sound of the door clicking shut, followed by footsteps in the hall. Who had opened the door? Probably not the senator; he didn’t strike her as the type to leave quietly after finding strange people making out in his office. Or maybe it was him, and he was calling security to come throw them out on their ears.

Austin pulled back, separating their lips on a harsh gasp. His fingers were still tangled in her hair, his mouth a whisper from hers and red from her lipstick. He looked stunned, off balance, something she’d never seen before, and she felt better knowing she wasn’t the only one.

He drew a deep breath, as though pulling himself together, and on the exhale, the cool exterior slipped back into place. As he drew back, he swiped a hand over his mouth and wiped the lipstick away. “Did you finish?”

What did he mean, finish? They hadn’t even gotten started. Then she realized what he meant and she thanked her lucky stars that she hadn’t asked the question out loud. “Yeah, it’s all set.”

He nodded, his demeanor all business again. “We should go then.”

Without another word, he walked to the door, cracked it open, and peered outside. The hall must have been clear, because he opened the door wider and gestured for her to come along. When she reached him, he swiped his thumb along the corner of her mouth.

“Your lipstick’s smeared.” His deep-green eyes were still a little glassy and dark, and focused square on her lips. “You might want to hit the restroom before going back.”

Not sure how to respond, she simply nodded and went out the door. At the curve in the hall, she veered left to the ladies’ restroom, while Austin continued toward the ballroom.

Yep, he was right: her lipstick was a mess, and her hair stuck up in a few places where he’d run his hands through it. The sight of it triggered the memory in her mind, sending a burst of heat right through her. Ignoring the sensation, she finger-combed her hair back into place and wiped the red smears away. She wasn’t anywhere as polished as she’d been when she arrived, but it would have to do. Her tools had taken up all the space in her purse, leaving no room for makeup. Oh well. She’d already accomplished her goal for the evening, so who gave a crap about how she blended?

Finished, she exited the bathroom and returned to the ballroom, where she made a beeline for the bar. After everything that happened, she needed a drink. She wasn’t used to this cloak-and-dagger bullshit. Usually, she spent the bulk of her time behind a keyboard, doing whatever Six Points Tactical and Security needed her to do to keep their clients safe.

While she waited for her drink, she scanned the ballroom and spotted Austin with his brother Ryan near the piano. Standing side-by-side, it was impossible to miss the strong family resemblance, though Austin was a tiny bit taller and more muscular. They shared similar features, the same jet-black hair, and their eyes were the exact shade of green that she found absolutely mesmerizing.

As if sensing her presence, Austin looked in her direction. His gaze caught hers, his expression unreadable, and her stomach did a little flip.

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