Tre's Temptations(9)

By: Stormy Glenn

While he had always desired finding his true mate, there was a part of him that never thought it was going to happen. He had tried to be satisfied with one-night stands and the occasional hookup with “friends with benefits.”

To be holding his mate in his arms, a mate that met every fantasy he had ever had since he knew what a fantasy was, that was both thrilling and frightening. Tre had an insane urge to hide Dennis away where no one could hurt him or take him away.

He knew he couldn’t.

Dennis was too much of a bundle of bouncy innocence to be hidden away from the world. He needed to spread his wings and fly, but he needed to be able to do it in a safe place where others—like Nyle—couldn’t hurt him.

Creating a world where Dennis could be free was Tre’s only option. With that thought in mind, Tre reached over and picked up the phone. He was going to need help and he knew just the alpha to call.

“Hey, Otto, you got a minute?” he said when the line was answered. “I need some help.”

Chapter Three

Dennis’s eyes popped open the second he woke. This wasn’t his room. It was too big and too clean and too bland. There was no color. Everything was white and gray. Dull. As small as his room off the kitchen was, it was covered in color. Dennis liked color. It made him feel more alive. This…this colorless hell made him sick to his stomach.

He pushed himself into a sitting position, wincing when a shaft of pain shot through his backside. How in the hell had he—oh right. He had been claimed…by the alpha.

Fuck a duck, he was so screwed.

Dennis rubbed his hands over his face before dropping them to his sides. Well, at least he was dressed. He still wore the sweater Tre had given him, but the jogging pants were new. And soft. They were very soft. Whoever had dressed him obviously knew his ass was going to be sore.

Tre. It couldn’t have been anyone else. At least, Dennis hoped it wasn’t anyone else. He really didn’t relish the idea of anyone except his mate seeing him naked. Boston had been the lone exception and he had only seen Dennis naked because Tre had used his hypnotic dominant voodoo crap on him.

Tre was dangerous to Dennis’s well-being, maybe even his sanity. He could make Dennis forget everything with one growl. Dennis was very much afraid he would become addicted to the powerful alpha cat if he spent more than three seconds in the man’s presence.

Dennis glanced toward the phone sitting on the nightstand. Did he dare use it? Would he be going against his mate if he did? Would he be betraying Elder Hamilton if he didn’t? Dennis was so confused. His head began aching, small little jackhammers going off at his temples. He didn’t know what to do.

Dennis started to stand to go to the phone. One way or another, Elder Hamilton would know what he should do. The bedroom door opening froze him a step away from the nightstand. Tre stood poised in the doorway, his inquisitive gaze taking in the scene in a single glance.

Dennis could feel the blood drain from his face.

When Tre walked across the room toward him, Dennis quickly backed up until he felt the mattress behind him, and then he sat down. His jaw dropped when Tre picked up the phone. “I’m sorry,” he said, positive the alpha was angry at him.

Tre merely held the phone out to him. “You can call whoever you want, Dennis.”

“You’re not mad?” Dennis asked skeptically.

“Dennis, you’re not a prisoner here.”

“But…” Dennis’s forehead wrinkled in confusion, but never more so than when Tre knelt down in front of him and gripped his hands.

“Baby, you’re my mate,” Tre said. “Do you understand what that means?”

“Well, yeah, but—”

“Dennis, I told you what being an omega means. Do you remember?”

Dennis nodded. “The glue that holds the pride together.”

Tre smiled so he knew he had gotten it right. “Yes, but being the alpha-mate means that you are even more important. Not only are you the glue that holds this pride together, but you are my mate. That means you are the single most important person in the world to me.”

Dennis refused to give into the warmth that filled his chest at Tre’s words. It couldn’t be that simple. While he didn’t necessarily believe as his birth pride had, he still knew that omegas had to work extra hard to make themselves useful if they didn’t want to be someone’s personal pet, and he didn’t.

He had seen too many omegas spend their days and nights on their backs or with their asses in the air, giving it up to whichever pride member would show them a little kindness. He didn’t want that kind of life. He had worked too damn hard to make something of his life to let himself be someone’s pet plaything.