Tre's Temptations(8)

By: Stormy Glenn

That was the way it was supposed to be, the way he had seen things between his brothers and their mates. That was the mating he wanted, the love and caring that seemed to be as much a part of them as breathing.

“But I also suspect that you like being told what to do.” It was something he hadn’t missed while he had been claiming Dennis. “You like it when I go all alpha on you.”

Dennis went back to plucking at Tre’s shirt. “Maybe.”

Tre reached down and smacked Dennis’s bare ass. The man’s eyes flew to Tre’s, his mouth forming a little O. “Don’t lie to your mate and alpha, Dennis. That will earn you a spanking.”

Tre could barely keep the smirk off his lips when he felt Dennis’s cock harden against his stomach. Dennis might not want to admit it, but he really did like it when Tre went all alpha on him.

“Maybe you need a reminder of who is alpha and who is omega.” Tre lifted Dennis up and flipped him over, draping the man over his lap. He loved the fact that he could so easily move his mate about.

Tre pushed the bottom of the sweater up, baring Dennis perfect bubble butt to his hungry gaze. He smoothed his hand down one flawless ass cheek and then the other. “This ass was made for spanking, Dennis.”

To prove his point, Tre brought his hand down on one rounded globe. His cock hardened when he saw the reddened skin in the perfect shape of his hand. He had always liked redheads because of their fiery temper but he was starting to see the advantage of all that pale smooth skin.

“Look at how pretty you color for me.”

When Dennis’s hips humped up, Tre brought his hand down again. “No coming without permission, pet.”

Tre’s jaw dropped when Dennis groaned and a warm wet spot spread over the pant leg of his thigh. Was it the pet comment or the spanking that had set his mate off? Whichever it was, Tre liked it. Granted, he would have to punish his little mate for disobeying him, but that could wait. His dick could not.

Tre swung Dennis up in his arms as he stood. He laid him down on the desk in front of him, ass in the air. It took mere seconds to unzip his pants and pulled out his aching cock. Tre briefly pulled Dennis onto all fours as he lined his aching shaft up with the pulsating and glistening entrance and pushed inside, both gently and insistently.

“You’ve been a very bad pet,” Tre said as he thrust as deep as he could go. He felt Dennis’s body welcome him with searing heat and slick tightness. “You came without permission. I’m going to have to punish you.”

Tre grabbed Dennis’s hip with one hand. Every time he thrust into his mate’s tight ass, he smacked a rosy red cheek with the other. Dennis writhed beneath Tre each time. An anxious whine fell from Dennis’s lips. Tre’s cock hardened to steel at the sound. The man’s cries of pleasure were music to his ears.

Pleasure pooled at the base of Tre’s spine and tingled along his nerves, his climax beating against his head. Tre gripped Dennis’s slender hips as he began to move harder, faster, and deeper. The real world spun and careened on it axis, the ecstasy was pure and explosive.

With a flurry of hard and fast thrusts, Tre froze, buried as deep as he could be inside his mate, and roared his completion. His seed erupted into the still spasming channel. Dennis’s shattered wail of completion echoed around the room. Tre grunted as Dennis’s body milked the last few drops from him.

Tre drew in a shaky breath. His entire world had been rocked to its very foundation, twice, in less than an hour. He knew without a doubt, he would live inside of Dennis if given the choice. He did not know how Dennis felt, and that scared Tre more than his rat bastard of as father ever had.

Knowing his mate had to be sore after having his virgin ass plowed twice in such a small amount of time, Tre tried to be as careful as possible as he pulled his cock out of Dennis’s poor abused hole. He winced when he saw how red and swollen it was.

It was a good thing Dennis was a shifter. His healing abilities were stronger and faster than a human’s. He was going to need every bit of that healing ability if he had any chance of sitting normally in the next few days.

A nice soak in the tub wouldn’t hurt either.

Tre frowned when Dennis didn’t move. “Dennis?”

A sudden sickening terror took hold of Tre. What if he had injured his sweet little mate somehow? As carefully as he could, Tre lifted Dennis up and turned him over. Tears of relief flooded his eyes when Dennis snuggled into him, a soft snore falling from the man’s plush lips.

Tre sat back in his seat, cradling his precious cargo in his arms. Something deep inside of him, something he had thought buried long ago, cracked and broke open as he stared down into Dennis’s serene face.