To Capture a Duke's Heart(107)

By: Jennifer McNare

“Jealous are you?” Gabriel queried with a playful arch of his brow.

“Perhaps just a little,” she said, though in all honesty she was beyond thrilled that their son had inherited the bulk of his father’s features, including his glorious, uniquely-colored green eyes; for whenever she looked upon her son’s sweet, beloved face, she saw Gabriel reflected there as well.

“Never fear, my love; for if our son is truly fortunate, and I have every confidence that he is, in addition to his father’s extraordinary good looks,” he began with a rakish grin, “he will doubtless have inherited his mother’s remarkably generous, kindhearted, loving, intelligent and delightfully unique nature,” he continued, gazing up at her through adoring eyes.

“Thank you,” Penny replied softly, as she leaned down to place a light, tender kiss upon her husband’s lips.

“By the way,” he asked as she moved to rest her head against his, and then reached to trace her finger gently along the curve of their son’s cheek, “have I told you how much I love you?”

Penny felt her heart give a tiny flutter. “Not since this morning.”

“Not since then?” he remarked in surprise. “Surely that cannot be true.”

Hiding her smile against his hair, she emitted a woeful sigh. “Alas, I’m afraid that it is.”

“Well in that case,” he said, his voice taking on a low, seductive timbre, “perhaps we should put our son to bed, for I shall most definitely need to devote the remainder of the evening to making amends for such a grievous oversight.”

“Yes, I think perhaps we should,” Penny agreed, feeling an intoxicating shiver of desire race along the length of her spine. Then, lifting the baby from Gabriel’s arms, she carried him across the room, placing a soft, feather-light kiss upon his cheek before laying him gently within his bassinet.

“Sweet dreams, my love,” she whispered, as she gazed down lovingly upon their son, Ariel Edward Charles Ashcroft, the newest and most cherished addition to the Ashcroft Angels.