The Savage King(8)

By: Michelle M. Pillow

tilted them in offering, she moaned ever so lightly.

Ulyssa saw him move, his confident mouth curling up in masculine invitation. His strong,

male scent drew her in, tempting her senses, teasing her desires. Without thought, she

leaned forward to kiss him, drawn to discover if he tasted as good as he looked. Her lips

parted. Her fingers ran up the side of his stubbly cheeks to pull him closer. His long hair

was like silk as it brushed the back of her hands.

Not once did she stop to think that he was a stranger to her, that he wasn't even all human.

At the moment, she didn't care. He was solid and real and so very hot. It had been so long

since she knew a fraction of the longing she now felt in the madness of his arms. And, if

she was perfectly honest with herself, she wanted to see just how wild the Var cats were in

the bedroom. With their grace and natural prowess, she just bet they made for worthy


She heard a soft, feminine sigh and realized it came from her lips. Startled, she pulled back

just as his velvet tongue was about to delve inside her mouth. The brief touch sent a

shockwave through her so intense that she leaned forward to accept it.

Kirill pulled back, a question in his gaze as he tasted her on his mouth. His pleasant

expression faded into a slight frown. Holding her at arms length, he asked, very seriously,

"You drank nef, did you not? Quite a bit of it if your glazed eyes are any indication."

"Nef?" Ulyssa repeated, trying to squirm past his hold, wanting to be back against his hard

body. She pressed her ear to her shoulders, wondering if the translator was broken.

A slight frown of disgust came to Kirill, as he easily slipped into her language, "Try to

concentrate, human. You did belong to the King. You were one of his."

Ulyssa blinked, trying to understand his low words. His change of language didn't help her

confusion. Why was he holding her away from him? What happened? Her heart pounded

in her head, fueling her desire tenfold. She shivered uncontrollably. Her body was wet,

ready, pulsing with fierce abandon. "No, I don't belong to anyone--only myself."

Again she tried to lean forward and again he held her back, gripping her shoulders firmly

in his strong hands. Ulyssa moaned throatily. She glanced over his body to his lean hips.

His arousal pressed strong against the confines of his pants. In a trance, she reached to

touch it.

Kirill chuckled, artfully avoiding contact with her searching palm. As if to himself, he

mused, "If I didn't smell the unmistakable scent of human on you, I'd have sworn you were

a rare Var female. You're bold and assertive."

Ulyssa blinked, wondering at the comment and the approval she detected in it.

"Come on," Kirill urged. "Let's get you out of here. It's obvious you don't know what

you've done. I would lecture you about drinking that which you don't know, but I don't

think you'd be able to understand me right now anyway."

Ulyssa again blinked in confusion. Why was he talking? She looked down her body. Did

she smell bad or something? Was he married? What happened to make him stop? She

frowned. Was it just her or were her breast swollen and tingling? She looked down at

them and was sure they looked larger than normal. Humming softly, she cupped her

breasts in her palms, feeling the instantly gratification of the caress. A small sound of

wonder escaped her and she suddenly felt dizzy, as she tweaked her nipples.

Kirill groaned, leaning over to pull her hands down. "Ah, you do drive a man to

distraction, don't you, human?"

Ulyssa turned to glare at him. He chuckled to see her look.

"What is your name, human?" he asked.

"Ulyssa," she slurred without thought, turning back to contemplate her achy breasts. A

finger dipped beneath her chin, drawing her attention back up to the dark eyes. She sighed

prettily, simpering like a fool and not caring.

"Lyssa, I'm Kirill. I'm going to take you to a different part of the castle to sleep off the

affects of the drink you took. Do you understand?"

Ulyssa frowned at his condescending tone. Her eyes narrowed in disgust, before getting

distracted by his mouth.

Kirill laughed softly. "I am sorry, little one, but you will just have to miss the pairing

tonight. You're in no condition to choose a mate."

Ulyssa snorted, not paying attention to him.

Kirill frowned and glanced around the empty hall, as if struggling with a decision. Finally,

taking her by her arm, he walked her down the hallway, away from the harem. He didn't

look at her again as he led her through the long halls, winding around turns until she was

completely lost. Ulyssa didn't care. She couldn't stop staring at his face, as she simpered

like a witless maid.

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