The Savage King(7)

By: Michelle M. Pillow

Black leather bands with silver studs gripped tight to his biceps and wrists, secured taut on

both of his arms. His shirt appeared to be one piece of material with two narrow straps

over the shoulders. It was held together by black cross lacing beneath his arms, leaving his

sides and waist exposed.

Ulyssa nearly swooned as torrid images swirled in her head. He didn't wear the tunic of the

guards, so she wasn't worried about him arresting her and dragging her back to Attor. In

fact, she wasn't worried about anything at all for the moment. Unbidden, her eyes

continued down, over his frame. He didn't move to stop her, didn't shake her arm to get

her attention. Unconscious of the action, she licked her lips, suddenly famished for male


His pants were of the same material as the shirt, soft, yet molding to his firm, delicious

body. A belt matched the armband, clinging around his narrow waist. More cross lacing

reached from the knee, over the outside length of his thighs, leaving no indention of firm

muscle to the imagination, as it revealed tanned flesh all the way up his hip. She flexed her

fingers, itching to reach forward, to dip beneath the material to feel him.

A low rumbling sound broke into Ulyssa's thoughts. She blinked in surprise, having nearly

forgotten where she was, what she'd been doing. Before she could think to protest, her

captor pulled her forward into his muscled chest and pressed her back into the wall.

The stone along her spine was cold, making a strange contrast to the hard heat of him

along her thin frame. She gasped, feeling trapped by his body. His thick arousal grew

between them, unmistakable in its desire. The pressure sparked a very liquid reaction

inside her loins. Her nipples puckered hard against her shirt, tingling as her hastened

breath caused them to rub along his chest. Ulyssa shivered, her head screaming to fight

and run. She couldn't move. A euphoric trance held her in its web, drowning out reason.

"When a woman looks at a man with that much invitation, who is he to deny her?" the Var

man said in his low, rumbling tone. Passion made his words sound hoarse. Warm breath

fanned over her cheek, causing her to shiver in anticipation.

The man boldly moved against her and Ulyssa felt the all too real press of his desire

rocking gently into her hip. She felt his heat to her breasts, further budding her nipples into

hard, beckoning points. As she looked up into his deep-set eyes, eyes that swirled with

amber flecks within the darkened sea of brown-black, she knew she was in trouble.

Prince Kirill tried to take a deep breath, trying in vain to make his body pull back from the

soft woman he trapped against the wall. He couldn't make his limbs obey. Every nerve

screamed at him to continue. His body was stiff with the stress of many days. It had been a

long while since he'd had a woman, even longer since he'd had a woman so lovely as this

creature before him.

She had yet to speak with words. But what she didn't say with her voice, she more than

screamed with her wide, blue eyes--eyes that were dark, eyes that sparkled with the stars

of deep space. He could see how a man could easily get lost in her gaze. She was the most

beautiful vision he'd ever seen. His whole length trembled, ready to answer the primitive

call of her body to his.

Her hair was a peculiar shade of blonde and red, pulled back from her face into a bun that

rested neatly above the long nape of her neck. He itched to pull the locks free, but he held

back. Glancing down over her toned body, he growled in pleasure.

A thought flickered in his head as he wondered who she was, what she was doing alone,

walking unescorted in his section of the palace. As her lips parted, the thought fled and he

didn't care. He needed to release the tension from his body, the hard throbbing ache in his

loins. His heart pumped hard in his chest, swirling lust into every limb. He was ready to

claim her. It would be easy to pin her to the wall and have his way with her right there in

the empty hallway. He would too, if she'd but allow him.

Suddenly, thought returned to him. "Are you one of Attor's?"

Ulyssa blinked, looking momentarily stunned. She slowly shook her head in denial. In a

low, throaty tone, she whispered, "No."

Kirill groaned, feeling the moist heat of her desire radiating from her thighs. Her eyes

dipped to his mouth just as her tongue edged along her bottom lip in invitation. He pushed

his body more firmly against her. Letting her feel the full length of his arousal, he rocked

his hips, grinding along her clothing. A slow, seductive smile curled on his mouth as he

invited her to his kiss with the simple lifting of his jaw. To his great pleasure, she leaned

in, accepting his offered mouth without hesitation. Her lips were warm, soft, and when she

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