The Savage King(2)

By: Michelle M. Pillow

Although, it seemed times were about to change. The forest literally crawled with both

races. She wasn't stupid. She could tell the planet was on the verge of an all out war. The

last thing she needed was to get caught in the middle of it.

This was definitely a primitive planet, perhaps one of the most primitive she'd been

assigned to in a long time. As far as she could tell, her campsite was on Var land. It didn't

matter. It's not like she'd stopped to ask permission to set up camp. In fact, neither race

knew she was there. She preferred to keep it that way. If Galaxy Brides went looking for

her, their lost bride, all they'd find was a ghost trail to a woman who never existed.

Ulyssa growled under her breath, swearing every dark curse she knew. She needed to

report to headquarters--if the damned communicator would ever turn itself on--and tell

them her mission was over. Realizing she'd gone through the Galaxy Bride torture for

nothing didn't make her happy. But, on the bright side, she'd gotten some permanent hair

removal done and a few itchy battle scars removed, although such foolish luxuries hardly

made her present situation worth it. Shaving had never been a primary concern and she

would only collect more battle scars to replace the old ones.

Picking at the dried mud caked to her tanned skin, Ulyssa grimaced. She so needed a

decontamination unit. Hell, she'd even try a primitive water bath, just so long as she could

scrub clean.

Suddenly, the communicator lit up. She sighed, not liking the fact that she had to report to

her superiors that her mission had been fruitless. She liked less the fact that she was

trapped on a barbaric planet until one of the company ships could swing by and get her.

"Hello?" a sweet, elderly voice asked from the communicator.

"Agent 596," Ulyssa answered. The unit clicked.

"Report," a grim voice ordered from the small handheld unit, replacing the first computer

generated operator.

"Ulyssa 596, codename Gena, Qurilixen," Ulyssa said into the unit.

"Go ahead," the voice answered.

"Target dead, killed by his own." Ulyssa pulled the unit back to add a bitter curse. She had

just spent the dusky night in the forest, huddled by a tree while the Medical Mafia clones

packed up camp. Her target, a leader in the Medical Mafia, Doc Aleksander, was killed by

his daughter in self-defense. They assumed Doc had been on the planet to make a trade for

some of the precious ore. "Daughter has disbanded family line, no information to be had."

"What?" another voice demanded, harder than the last. Ulyssa recognized the mission

director, Franklin. She rolled her eyes. "What do you mean she disbanded the family?"

"Are we secure?" Ulyssa asked, careful to keep her voice soft as she glanced around the

forest. The trilling call of a sofliar came from the dense underbrush, carrying over the hum

of insects. All was peaceful.

"Yes, Agent, speak plainly," Franklin said.

"Doc is dead. Nadja has married one of the Princes from the Qurilixen House of Draig.

She's disbanded the family and left everything to her mother. The Aleksander branch is

ended. I'm transmitting a full report now." Ulyssa stopped talking and pressed a button.

When the report was sent, she demanded, "Now, get me off this damned floating barbarian

rock, Frank!"

"Got it," Franklin answered. "Good work."

Ulyssa snorted. She'd hardly call a fruitless mission good work. "What about my ride?"

"Well, Agent," Franklin cleared his throat, "to tell you the truth you don't have one. We

didn't expect this to happen. The seers didn't predict Doc's death, only that he'd be on the

planet. We were planning on having you there a lot longer than a few weeks."

"How long Frank?" Ulyssa asked, her voice hard.

"The closest ship is three months from there."

"Three months!" Ulyssa hissed. "I didn't spend a month on that damned Galaxy Brides

ship, simpering like a morphed bimbo fool, grabbing my breasts and making inane

comments, just to spend three hellish months on this nowhere planet for no darned good

reason! You get me a ship faster!"

Franklin chuckled. "What? We'd thought you'd like pretending to be a girl for awhile 596."

Ulyssa frowned. Great! Here come the 'you're worse than a man' jokes. Kick a little male

behind, never call them back after you have your way with them, and you get branded a

heartless bitch.

"Ugh," she groaned. "I so need to get some action. This is getting bad."

"What was that, 596?" Franklin asked.

"Nothing, sir." Ulyssa fought the urge to laugh.

"How are your supplies?"

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