The Savage King(10)

By: Michelle M. Pillow

couch and chairs, more arched entryways leading to various parts of the house.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty," she whispered, a little too spitefully. Whoever the man was, his

rejection stung and she reacted to it. "Are you in here, you little furball?"

She waited and got no answer. Squinting to see now that the bedroom light didn't shine

behind her, she crept through the living room. As she passed one of the decorative arches,

she saw a long kitchen and dining area. She ignored it, going instead to the arch with a

door. Thinking it led outside, she pushed it open. Instead she found a large bathroom. A

rectangular mosaic tub took up the far wall with many waterspouts coming from the sides.

Next to it was perhaps the biggest water shower she'd ever seen. Well, she'd never actually

seen one, but the Agency did have pictures. Through the textured glass, she detected a

bench seat.

"Hum," Ulyssa mused with an irritated glance around the room. "Maybe I'm looking too

high. I'm sure there has to be a little cat door around here somewhere."

* * * *

Kirill watched the door to his bedroom open. He'd been sitting in the dark, trying to

relieve the stress headache that built behind his eyes for the last week. The pain started at

the base of his skull and radiated up to his temples until he could hardly see straight.

A heavy responsibility had been thrust on his shoulders, a responsibility he really hadn't

prepared himself for--the welfare of the Var people. King Attor had not left him in a good

position. He'd rallied the people to the brink of war, convinced them that the Draig were

their enemy, and even went so far as to attack the Draig royal family.

Kirill would see peace in the land. However, he knew the facts didn't bode well for it. The

Draig had a long list of grievances against King Attor and the Var kingdom.

Before his death, Attor had ordered an attack on one of the four Draig Princes, all of

which ended horribly for the Var. Prince Yusef was stabbed in the back, a most cowardly

embarrassment for the Var guard who did it. If he hadn't been executed in the Draig

prisons, he would've been ostracized from the Var community. Luckily, Prince Yusef

survived or else they'd already be at battle.

Attor had also arranged for the kidnapping of Yusef's new bride. Princess Olena had been

rescued or else that too would've led to war. The old King had tried to poison Princess

Morrigan, the future Queen, on two separate occasions. She too lived. And those were

only the offenses that Kirill knew about in the few weeks before Attor's death. He could

just imagine what he didn't know.

Kirill sighed, feeling very tired. He'd known since birth that the day would come when he'd

be expected to step up and lead the Var as their new King. He just hadn't expected it to be

for another hundred or so years. His father had been a hard man, who he'd foolishly come

to look at as invincible.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty." His lovely houseguest's whisper drew his complete attention from

his heavy thoughts.

Ulyssa bent over like she expected him to answer to the insulting call. He dropped his

fingers from his temple into his lap and a quizzical smile came to his lips. As he watched

her, he wasn't sure if he was angered or amused by her words.

"Are you in here, you little furball?" she said, a little louder.

She wore his clothes. Never had the outfit looked sexier. His jaw tightened in masculine

interest, as he unabashedly looked her over. All too well did he remember the softness of

her body against his and the gentle, offering pleasure of her sweet lips. She'd made soft

whimpering noises when he touched her--yielding, purring sounds in the back of her

throat. Even with the aid of nef, he was surprised by how easily and confidently she melted

into him. The Var were wild, passionate people and were drawn to the same qualities in

others. He suspected she'd be an untamed lover.

Too bad she'd belonged to his father first. In his mind, that made her completely

untouchable--though none would dare question his claim if he were to bring her to his bed.

Technically, by Var law, she belonged to him until he chose to release her. For an insane

moment, he thought about keeping her as a lover. He knew he wouldn't, but the thought

was entertaining.

Kirill's grin deepened. Ulyssa strode across his home to the bathroom door with an

irritated scowl. It was obvious she didn't see him in the darkened corner, watching her. He

detected her engaging smell from across the room--the smell of a woman's desire. It

stirred his blood, making his limbs heavy with desire. And, for the first time since his

father's death, his headache relieved itself.

"Hum, maybe I'm looking too high. I'm sure there has to be a little cat door here

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