The Man I Want to Be (Under Covers)(93)

By: Christina Elle

To my editor, Alycia. Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in me and making this entire series shine. Your guidance has been invaluable. I’m indebted to you.

To Ninny. For sharing stories (both real and fictional) with us and encouraging our imaginations to run wild. Grandmas like you are one in million. I’m forever envious of the life you lead and the amazing experiences you had.

To my critique partners, Misty Waters and Laura Ward, for your honesty and encouragement. I’m blessed to have found you both. Your advice and time mean more to me than you’ll ever know.

To the bloggers and social media gurus who posted about the Under Covers series. Thank you for your time, your reviews, and your passion. You help nobodies like me get noticed, so thank you for your help!

To Kim at Read Your Writes, who reached out and admitted to being my stalker. I’m so flattered!! Thank you for loving the words I’ve put on a page and for making my dream come true!

To Jillian, for dragging me to that Chris Young concert in Nashville. And for the raunchy messages about CY at two a.m. No one makes me laugh like you do. Thank you for your friendship.

Now seems a good time to thank Chris Young. I named this book after my favorite CY song, and it fit the essence of the story perfectly. You have an amazing gift of singing. Thank you for sharing it. “The Man I Want to Be” was on repeat while I wrote and edited this book.

To my first Chris love. Mr. Hemsworth. You, too, have a gift. A very special gift, which I’m not going to elaborate on here because my husband will eventually read this. Let’s just say if you and Elsa don’t work out and you ever wanted another set of twins…never mind. I have very high expectations. I’d like to think you’d live up to them, but I don’t want to be disappointed for all eternity if you can’t. My fantasies are extremely vivid. It would be hard to match. (Unless you bring home that Thor costume. The eye patch, too. Then let’s talk.)

To Riki Cleveland and Shayla Fereshetian, my publicists. Thank you for putting up with my constant questions and late-night messages! I appreciate you both!

To Liz and the rest of the Entangled team. The Under Covers series was a labor of love, and I appreciate every piece you all played in helping it see the light of day. Entangled gave me my big break, and I’ll be forever thankful.