The Legend of the Blue Eyes(10)

By: B. Kristin McMichael

“Is it true, his granddaughter has returned?” a young voice asked.

“I hear she was targeted for assassination before she was even born,” an older woman responded. “They say she could be the one.”

“What one?” the younger voice asked.

“The one with the blue eyes,” the older woman replied in hushed tones.

The clanking of dishes brought Arianna’s attention to another conversation.

“How are the preparations coming?” a shrill voiced asked.

“Perfect ma’am,” a young boy responded.

“It better be, or it will be your job,” the shrill lady replied. “Everything must be perfect for Miss Arianna’s coming-out party tonight.”

Arianna listened to the various conversations as she finally stopped by listening to her aunt and uncle outside the door.

“Is she really alright?” Aunt Lilly asked Molina. “Is it possible to change without needing a sacrifice?”

“Devin checked her over last night,” Molina explained. “She didn’t take much blood, but she took enough to start the process. She needed more, but once we got her to the safe house, she refused everything given to her. We would have to put an IV in her, but we didn’t have time.”

“But why would she refuse?” Uncle Dean asked. “I thought, when someone turns, the blood doesn’t matter as long as it’s blood… and our Ari has never been picky about anything in her life before.”

“We don’t exactly know why she refused. But you have to remember, she’s special,” Molina replied.

“Is the prediction is true?” Aunt Lilly asked. “She really is the one everyone has been waiting for?”

“Yes, Devin confirmed our guess last night. She is the one in the legend,” Molina responded.

“What legend?” Arianna asked as she finally opened her eyes and found Devin holding onto her. Devin pricked his finger and Arianna felt a warm sensation begin in the pit of her stomach. Her cheeks flushed as she smelled the scent of his blood.

“You need to feed now,” he said, gently stroking her head as he waited.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Arianna replied, trying to keep her eyes open. She was beginning to feel light-headed and didn’t want to pass out again.

“Just follow your instincts,” he replied calmly. “You were born knowing how to feed. Everyone of your kind is.” Confused, Arianna stared into his eyes. The tenderness in his voice made her want to follow his directions, but she didn’t understand what he was talking about. “Close your eyes,” he said quietly, placing his hand over both her eyes. Arianna closed her eyes. The scent of his blood seemed to become more powerful as she did so. Suddenly, without opening her eyes, she could see a faint outline of Devin sitting next to her. A light pounding began to thump in her ears. Ba dump, ba dump, ba dump. With each thump, she could see his body better. He slowly extended his arm to her. “Here.” He offered the finger he had pricked.

Arianna wanted to refuse, but quickly found herself licking the tip of his finger. The sound of his heartbeat grew louder as she continued to hold onto his hand. The blood flowed through his veins to his wrist. Arianna tried to stop herself, but she was gently licking the throbbing vein in his wrist. Without understanding why or how, she lightly bit down, releasing blood into her mouth. Against her wishes, Arianna felt her world dimming.

When she finally opened her eyes again, Arianna was lying alone in the strange new room. Slowly sitting up, she realized that her strength had returned. She walked to the nearest large-curtained window and pushed aside the plush, white velvet. Arianna stared into the expansive garden that spread just outside her bedroom window. The large fountains were dry, and the trees were still bare because it was the end of winter, but she could not help but be in awe of the enormous garden. Behind the garden, Arianna’s attention focused on the mountain range. There were no mountains in the Midwest where she was from. Arianna turned back to the room and continued to look around. The room was ornately decorated, and everything was in pale blue and pink. It had been decorated for a child, and she could vaguely remember part of the room from her childhood.

Arianna noticed on the chair next to the window was a pile of clothing and a note.

Please dress in these when you get ready. Your grandfather is a bit old-fashioned, and believes young women should wear skirts.

Arianna smiled at Aunt Lilly’s handwriting. At least something in the room was familiar. Arianna picked up the clothes and wrinkled her nose at them. From the plain, boring style and choice of pink, Arianna knew immediately that Aunt Lilly had chosen the child-like outfit. The jingle of a chain and the click of boots as Molina approached the bedroom door caught Arianna’s attention. Molina stopped before the door and prepared to knock.

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