The Dragon's Arranged Mate(8)

By: Serena Rose

“Not so strange,” I assured her. Then I examined her gown, wondering how one would begin to remove it. It was no wonder three women had to get her into it.

She laughed again, that tinkling little laugh that reminded me of tiny bells. “ln the back, there are buttons.” She turned and swept her red curls over one shoulder so I could see what she meant. A long row of tiny pearl buttons led down to the skirts. I started unfastening them, fumbling with the small pearls.

“There must be a reason men don’t typically do this,” I muttered in frustration, and she laughed again. Finally, after what felt like many minutes, the buttons were undone and the back of the gown laid open.

She turned to face me and pulled the sleeves off her arms, one at a time. She then shimmied slightly, until the entire mass of silk was puddled around her. She held out her arms to me so I could help her over the pile of fabric.

Underneath her gown she’d worn an exquisite shift crafted from what even my uneducated eyes could tell was the finest Irish lace. It clung to her, as the gowns I’d grown accustomed to seeing her wear had clung to her. This one this was more sheer; I felt myself stir at the hint of the curve of her breasts underneath the lace. I could just nearly make out their fullness. Pink nipples stood out straight, even as she stood near the warmth of the massive fireplace; they betrayed her excitement.

My eyes took in that lush figure, and traveled down to her full hips and smooth legs. I could just see a hint of red fuzz at the apex of her thighs, and my mouth went dry with desire.

I stepped toward her, and I saw the fear mixed with desire in her eyes. I knew she wanted this; she quivered at the light touch of my hands on her bare arms. Gooseflesh rose there, and her breasts rose and fell rapidly with her quickened breath.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” I whispered, and it was the truth. She was beauty and purity and deep, lush desire. The promise of wanton bliss. I ran my hands up and down her arms, slowly, then gripped her shoulders and pulled her toward me. I brushed my mouth over her full, soft lips – gently, so gently. She trembled and let out a slight moan. I could sense her desire bubbling beneath her pure, serene exterior.

I quickly pulled the linen shirt over my head, my bare torso drawing her gaze. Her eyes traveled over the muscles in my shoulders and chest, then made their way over my torso and down to where the sprinkling of hair escaped from above the top of my pants. My cock stood up there, strong and proud. Her eyes grew wide, and I could nearly read her thoughts. She was wondering how it would fit inside her.

I wondered if in all of the rumors she’d heard of me, she’d heard of the size of my member. Fully erect, it was as long as my hand from the heel to the tip of my middle finger, and quite thick. It had given pleasure to many women in my younger days, before I was King. And now it wanted the beauty that stood before me.

I could feel the dragon beginning to stir within my loins. My thoughts went from love and passion to thoughts of possession and control. I wanted to consume her. I wanted to own her, to take her and use her and make her mine. I wanted to hear her cry out my name, to beg for more.

The dual sides of my nature struggled against each other, with my bride the prize they fought for.

“Is everything well?” she asked, suddenly fretful. She must have sensed the change in me. I squeezed her arms again, this time to reassure her.

“Anabelle,” I explained, “You know of my other nature. You know about the dragon within me. You know I can shift at will, and take flight. You know the tales of my father and his father and the others before him, and how their fire burned those who stood against them. You know all of this.” She nodded firmly.

“That blood courses through me, and at times of extreme pressure or extreme excitement, I must control that nature. I have never wanted a woman as I want you, Anabelle. And that wanting…brings out the dragon inside of me.” Her face darkened slightly, but she continued to listen.

“You are my mate – my true mate,” I told her. “Only when the true mate has been found does the dragon nature come to the surface, because it knows it has found its other half and that the other half can bear its children and continue the line of the dragons. Destiny is fulfilled this way. Do you understand?” She nodded, still wordless.

“It will take time for me to learn to easily control the dragon side of myself,” I told her, frankly. “I’ve never had to fight against it as I do with you. You bring it out of me, the fire and the want. I feel like an animal regarding its prey when I look at you. I see your body and I want to own it, to possess it. I want to see you writhe beneath me and allow me to take you and use you and make you scream for more. I want you to pant on your hands and knees as I take you from behind, to watch you ride me like you’d ride a stallion. I want to fill you with my seed until you’re bursting with it. I want you to whimper for mercy when I take you over…and over…and over again.”