The Dragon's Arranged Mate(10)

By: Serena Rose

Her moans were indecipherable, her head rolling from side to side. I could sense her climax coming, and was glad of it since the sight of her ecstasy had my cock throbbing and dripping, wanting release of its own. Suddenly she stiffened and gasped, then shuddered. She relaxed somewhat, trembling.

It had been a struggle, allowing her to have her first pleasure with me without my own release. The dragon roared inside me, demanding to be satisfied. I quickly untied the string holding my drawers closed, then removed them in a quick, smooth motion. She gasped, the glow of the fire illuminating my proud, stiff member.

The dragon was taking over, and I gave in gladly. It was exhausting trying to hold back that part of my nature at times like this. I loomed above my bride and took pleasure in the sight of her lush body lying helpless before me. Her red hair was splayed around her, her full breasts rising and falling with her quickened breath. I growled from deep in the back of my throat, and she shivered. But her nipples grew erect once again before my eyes, and I knew she was aroused by my state.

I spread her thighs apart to accommodate me, then swiped my hand through her slickness and coated my own dripping cock with her juices. I lined up the swollen head with her tight hole. She gasped and her hands flew down to my own wrists, trying to hold me back. But there was no holding me back now.

I took her hands in my own and pinned them to the bed, above her head. “I must have you,” I growled.

“Please…please be gentle with me,” she whimpered, and that small part of myself that wasn’t being overtaken by the dragon heard her words.

“I will try…at first,” I grunted, raspy. She closed her eyes and steeled herself, and I pushed forward.

At first there was a resistance, and she cried out in pain. “A little more,” I growled, then pressed further forward and felt the resistance give way. Her eyes flew open, and I saw pain mixed with fear there.

I waited a moment, then pulled back and thrust forward again. She whimpered. Again…and again…I pulled back and pushed myself into her warm, tight canal. I hardly noticed the tears on her cheeks.

I tightened my grip on her wrists, then plunged ahead heedlessly. My need was too strong to hold back any further. I began pumping my throbbing cock into her, riding her. Owning her. Possessing her.

She began to moan again, more out of pleasure now. I released her wrists, and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders. Her legs wrapped around my thighs and ass, and I roared inside at her reaction. She was mine. Flames flowed through my veins, intoxicating me. My nerves were on fire.

Eventually our moans grew louder and mingled together as I approached my release. I pounded myself into her now, my balls slapping against her ass.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried, matching my thrusts. Her cries brought me to the peak, and I felt myself explode. I threw my head back and roared, filling the room with my triumphant climax just as I filled her with my hot seed.

Within moments it was over, and I slid out of her, then rolled over onto my back beside her. We both lay there, catching our breath.

Once I returned to my senses, I glanced at the area of the bed between her thighs. There was the bloody proof that would be required; our marriage was legally consummated, without a doubt.

I wondered what she was thinking. Now that the dragon was finally quieted for now, my senses had returned to me. I hoped she wouldn’t feel that I had used her too harshly.

I looked at her, and she turned her head from me. I took her chin and gently turned it back toward my own. “What is it?” I whispered, caressing her.

“I’m ashamed,” she said. “Embarrassed at myself.”

I couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped my throat. “My wife, my queen,” I murmured. “Your pleasure was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Your body is glorious, and watching you enjoy it while I helped you…it was a joy. You are a joy to me.”

She smiled slightly. “Will it always…hurt, at first?” I shook my head. “I don’t think so,” I told her. “I think that after the first time or two, there is only pleasure.”

She blushed. “It did feel nice, toward the end. Not the same as…before…with your hand…” She blushed deeper. “But it still felt good. Did I…please you?”

I chuckled again, and drew her into my arms. I laughed into her sweat-dampened curls. “I don’t think there’s a person in the palace or the surrounding area that doesn’t know how much you pleased me, my wife. A dragon’s roar is hard to miss.”

I heard that tinkling laugh against my shoulder. “Yes, you were rather…loud.” She giggled again.