The Bear Takes His Mate(9)

By: Emma Devine

“Hey, Sabrina!” cried Jess as soon as she pulled open the door.

She gave her a hug and walked through the door, eyeing her up and down. It had been awhile since they’d seen each other last.

“You look great, Sabrina! All ready to meet your date?”

Sabrina blushed and mumbled something inaudible.

Jess grinned. “Hey don’t worry about it, you two will get along just fine.”

“Where’s the guy anyway?”

Jess’s grin widened.

“He’s parking in the car. He’s my personal chauffer for the day! Don’t worry, we’re good friends. And I made sure that he was fine with coming down to visit before I brought him. He needed to get out of the house anyway, just like you!”

She said all of this so quickly, Sabrina barely had time to register it. Jess must have been really excited for her to meet this guy. She might as well try to make the best out of it. And in order to do that, she would have to try extra hard not to make herself look like an moron.

“Okay, so come on and sit down. Tell me about him!” urged Sabrina, leading her to the living room.

“He’s 25 or 26, I think, somewhere around there. He’s actually my roommate and is a bartender. He is completely single, definitely likes girls, and is one of the most handsome guys I know! And don’t worry I’m not interested, I already have a boyfriend!”

“I wondered why you weren’t with him already. So he’s a good guy and everything? Not an asshole?”

“Oh yeah, he’s very nice. He’ll be good to you I promise. And Sabrina, please don’t worry about yourself. I know you don’t have the best confidence or anything, but there’s really no need to be nervous around him. He really is easy to hang out with. Even if you guys don’t hook up, he’ll still be great to talk to. Hell, he got me through my last breakup. I’m sure he’ll be able to cheer you up. And don’t worry about your job, I’m going to head out in a few minutes and talk with daddy about getting you back on track!”

Sabrina smiled. She knew she could always count on Jess to make her feel better about her problems, even if she didn’t think she was ready to meet this guy.

“Thanks a lot for coming over, Jess. I really needed this. If you’re dad isn’t able to help that’s fine. But I really appreciate you trying to help.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said as the doorbell rang.

“Oh that must be him. I’ll let him in and head out to my dad’s place. I’ll let you two get acquainted,” said Jess, grinning.

Sabrina felt her heart pounding wildly as she waited for the guy to walk into the room. A million thoughts went through her head. Will he like me? Is he really a nice guy? Did I put too much make up on? How many times am I going to embarrass myself?

When he walked in, Sabrina gasped. He looked like a super model. He was a tall guy, with short, brown hair and mysterious, dark brown eyes. Sabrina could see the outline of his muscles underneath his sleeveless shirt as he walked over. His face looked absolutely perfect for kissing.

“H-hi. Come on and sit down,” stammered Sabrina.

He had an easy smile and flashed it as soon as he sat down on the couch across from her.

“Hey, I’m Mike,” he had a deep, soothing voice that made Sabrina feel like she was melting.

And she just knew she was going to fuck it up. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t push those insecure thoughts out of her head. What if he doesn’t like curvy girls? What if I stammer too much? What if I scare him off? Sabrina forced herself to talk.

“I-I’m Sabrina. How did Jess get you to come over?”

He shrugged and leaned back on the couch, relaxing. He looked perfectly at ease, not a care in the world.

“I just felt like getting out of the house. Doing something else, you know? Plus, she told me a lot about you. I’m studying a little psychology as a hobby and figured it would be interesting to try to help you out. If you’re okay with that of course,” he said, flashing her that brilliant smile again.

Sabrina didn’t know how she felt about being this guy’s guinea pig. Was that the only reason he decided to come all the way out here? But she figured it was better than nothing, and since Jess was busy trying to talk to her dad, Sabrina had no one else to talk to. Plus, there was something about this guy that made her feel a little more at ease now. She’d gotten over her initial fears and was beginning to relax a little.

“Yeah that sounds good, I guess. Well I really only have two problems. One is that I lost my job. I’d wanted to become a vet one day and this was the first step. Now that I lost this job it’s going to be hard to find another one like it. Plus, rent is due in a couple weeks and I won’t be able to pay for it if I don’t have a job.”