The Bear Takes His Mate(8)

By: Emma Devine

I grinned.

“Yeah, you weren’t so bad yourself. A few things needed work though,” I said playfully.

He raised his eyebrows.

“Care to go again?” he asked, sitting up.

I couldn’t get the smile off my face.

“You’re on,” I said. In that moment, I was the happiest girl in the world.


Things only got better after that. I eventually got a better job and moved in with Blake. Claire still visited me a lot, but my time was mostly spent working and being with Blake. I wanted to know all I could about his species. In fact, I had to.

Blake had gotten me pregnant. I was young, but the prospect of being pregnant with a werebear excited me much more than my fear of being a mother. Plus, I knew that with Blake taking care of us, everything would be just fine. I couldn’t wait to raise a half-werebear baby. Things never looked better.

The Bear’s Lust

Sabrina had never been more nervous in her life. She had barely had time to get herself ready before Jess called and told her she’d be coming over. Why didn’t Jess give her enough time to get ready? And just now she finds out he’s bringing a hot guy over to “comfort” her? She couldn’t believe it. She knew Jess meant well, but she was pretty pissed anyway. What kind of “hot guy” would want to comfort a shy, curvy girl like her?

A few months ago, Sabrina had gotten her dream job at the local animal shelter. She’d loved animals her whole life and it was her dream to be able to work with them and take care of them. She especially loved the dogs, though she had none of her own. She knew she’d been the hardest worker at that place. She’d had the best few months of her life there, taking care of those animals.

And then three days ago, her whole life turned upside down. Several people were getting laid off due to the bad economy, and she’d been one of them. She’d gotten the call on Monday, the day she was supposed to actually get a promotion. Sabrina was devastated.

She did the only thing she could think of at the time. She called her best friend, Jess and asked her for help. Unfortunately, Jess lived a good four hours away so she didn’t expect her to drive over. But, being the good friend she is, she told her she’d be right over. And she wouldn’t be coming alone.

Sabrina and Jess had known each other since childhood. They used to do everything together. Even though Jess was much more pretty, confident and popular than Sabrina was, she was always there for her. Jess would always try to comfort her when a guy turned her down.

But then college rolled around the corner and they went their separate ways. Sabrina wanted to help animals, and Jess wanted to work in the communication business. They still talked from time to time though, even though they didn’t see each other much.

This time though, Sabrina was surprised she decided to come over. They hadn’t seen each other in a while because Jess was busy with school and since her dad was paying for it, she had to go. Jess’ family was pretty rich because her dad was a very powerful businessman. Sabrina actually saw him walk into the animal shelter a few times to say hi. His company sold all kinds of products to the shelter and actually had a stake in the place. But Sabrina figured it would be kind of weird to ask him for help.

Jess promised over the phone to talk to him though, so there was still a glimmer of hope for Sabrina. But Jess would be coming over that afternoon with a “gorgeous guy” to meet. That was what terrified Sabrina.

She’d never been with a man before. She was only 19, but she still felt ashamed she was a virgin. She was just too shy and nervous around cute boys to even try anything. She didn’t think her curviness helped at all either. Jess had tried to help of course, but Sabrina didn’t want her first time to be with some random, ugly creep. She wanted someone special.

One time in high school, a really cute guy she’d seen around had actually approached her and asked to go home with her. She was young, stupid and naïve so she quickly accepted. Just as they were leaving school to get in his car, a gorgeous, busty blonde came up out of nowhere and asked for the guy’s phone number, laughing at Sabrina. It turned out it was all a cruel joke and the girl was actually his girlfriend. After that little incident, Sabrina’s confidence was gone completely.

That was one of the reasons she was so nervous this time. Was the guy going to turn out to be a prick? When he saw how nervous and shy she was, would he even want to stay around? Or would he run off?

But she knew she had to get ready anyway, so she searched all afternoon for something nice-looking to wear. She didn’t go out much except when she worked at the shelter, so she didn’t exactly have a wide selection of clothes. She found a low-cut dress and some jeans and got her make up on just before the doorbell rang later that night. She was sure the guy was going to laugh at her but by that point she was fed up with caring.