The Bear Takes His Mate(7)

By: Emma Devine

His hot lips moved down to the nape of my neck and down my chest. I shuddered as he tore my shirt off, exposing my full, curvy body. He took a minute to enjoy the sight of my tits before showering them with kisses.

I moaned as he began to suck my nipples. His hot tongue circled around my large tits, exploring. I felt my nipples stiffen as he gently nibbled on them, making me wetter than ever. He slowly moved his tongue down tracing a line of fire down my body. He quickly pulled my pants off and went right back to work, coming just short of my most sensitive spot.

“Please taste me, Blake!” I moaned, yearning for him.

He obliged. His tongue lashed out and attacked my folds, running across my small bud. I gave a yelp of pleasure as he tasted me again, this time sucking me a little. I felt my body go haywire as my orgasm quickly rose to the surface.

I gave a shout as I released my juices, my body shuddering into his mouth. He pressed his mouth even harder against my sweet spot, enjoying the taste. I ground against his mouth, my body now filled with electricity.

He pulled his clothes off in two swift movements and I felt my pussy throb with desire once more. He had the body of a god. Muscles raced down his arms and legs. They rippled as he moved back, letting me drink in the sight of his incredible body.

But my eyes were quickly drawn to his already rock hard cock sticking up from between his legs. I could almost feel myself drool as I imagined it thrusting inside of me. Fortunately, he didn’t make me wait long for that.

But Blake had one more surprise in store.

“Hang on a second, baby. There’s something I have to do first.”

I watched him curiously as he stood up to his full height. Nothing happened for a few moments. Then, without warning, his body began to change. Hair grew from all over his gorgeous body. His face turned into a snout, his eyes turned yellow, and his cock grew another couple inches.

Within a minute, I found myself staring at some kind of… beast.

“W-what are you?” I whispered, barely able to talk. Fear gripped my body, but I found it impossible to move.

“I’m still the same, Jamie. But this is my true form. I am a werebear. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. And I promise I’ll be gentle with you.”

Surprisingly, I found my fear slowly melting away. There was something almost hypnotic about his voice. Something that told me that everything was going to be okay. I nodded.

“Fuck me, hard.”

Without a word, he spread my legs open gently. I wanted to tell him to be gentle but I couldn’t utter a word as I watched him push himself inside of me. I bit my lip as I felt a slight twinge of pain as he slowly eased into me. That pain was quickly being replaced by pure pleasure.

He got in all the way and held it, letting me get used to his hardness inside of me. I had to resist the urge to yell with pleasure. He fit perfectly. In that instant I knew this man was the one for me.

He shifted slightly and slowly pulled out before plunging back in, harder this time. I could feel him hit my g-spot perfectly as he began to fuck me. He started slowly, easing himself in and out with perfect rhythm. I gripped his muscular shoulders as he moved quicker and quicker, making a soft slapping sound against my legs as he moved.

Fireworks exploded in front of my eyes as I felt my orgasm build once more, threatening to engulf everything. I couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, couldn’t think. The only thing that mattered was the rapidly growing fireball of pleasure erupting from between my legs.

He paused just before I reached my peak. He pulled out of me, lifted me up and impaled me onto his huge cock, making me shriek with pleasure. My tits bounced on his hairy chest as he began to fuck me harder than before, staring into my eyes with a look of pure ecstasy.

My nails dug into his back as I slammed down on his cock over and over again, causing shockwaves of pleasure to pulse through our bodies. My walls tightened over him as I felt myself finally lose control.

The world stopped. It was as though time slowed down. I screamed as I felt my body release, my juices spraying all over his cock as he still fucked me. He gave a shout and I realized his control was completely gone too. I laughed with pleasure as I felt his cum seep into my wet hole, heating me up all over again.

We collapsed on the couch, exhausted, our bodies still connected. I turned my head towards his as he brushed a hair from my forehead.

“So how did I do for my first time?” I asked as he quickly transformed back into a human, hoping he’d give the right answer.

He smiled.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had. You are a goddess.”