The Bear Takes His Mate(65)

By: Emma Devine

“That was incredible,” came Blake’s voice, sounding far away. Cassie slowly came out of her world and back to reality.

“Fuck yes,” was all she could manage. But despite her exhaustion, she wanted more. Already she wanted him back inside of her, filling her up.

“Up for round 2?” she said, her voice returning.

He gave her a somewhat surprised look.

“Not many girls would be able to take the fucking I just gave to you, especially a virgin. I was surprised you didn’t ask me to stop. Are you sure you don’t want to rest or anything first? I mean, I could go another round definitely, but I don’t want you to wear yourself out,” he said with a look of concern.

She grinned and spread her legs.

“I’m ready for anything.”

His grin returned.


She was now living with Blake and she couldn’t be happier. They’d been fucking five or more nights a week now and Cassie never got tired of it. Each time he fucked her just as he had the first time – rough, wild, and incredible. But things were about to get even more interesting with their sex life.

Cassie was getting heavy, quickly. Blake had indeed knocked her up. Her belly had already started to swell.

“Are we still going to fuck?” she asked him tentatively one night, the day after she found out she was pregnant.

Blake laughed and pulled her close, pushing the hair out of her eyes so he could look directly into them.

“Of course we are. I’ve always wanted to fuck a pregnant woman. And now I’ve got you. Who knows? Maybe I can have a taste of some of your milk sometime.”

Cassie’s smile returned as she imagined him sucking on her engorged tits. Her pussy started to leak as she thought of the amazing pounding she’d receive tonight at the hands of the most gorgeous man on the planet.

“I think I’d like that.”

He smiled, opened his mouth, and went right to work on her pussy.