The Bear Takes His Mate(5)

By: Emma Devine

I massaged with more ferocity, smearing his pre come around his head. I could tell he was getting closer and closer, but I wasn’t nearly done. I cupped one hand under his balls and started to feel around, one hand still massaging his cock. But I knew he didn’t just want my hands doing all the work. He wanted more. He wanted me to suck him.

I bent my head towards his cock as he nodded and gently placed his hand on the back of my head, groaning even more now. I grinned before wrapping my lips around him, thinking about what I was doing. I’d never done this before, but I’d watched enough porn to get the gist of it.

I tasted his pre come as my lips slid down him, tasting every inch. I took him almost to the base, but he was so big I couldn’t fit it in all the way. I had never deep throated before but I definitely wanted to try. I pulled back out, and plunged his cock right back into my mouth, further this time.

I felt his cock harden in my mouth. I knew he was enjoying this. I let his cock sit snugly in my throat now, getting used to the feel of him back there. I could tell he was getting painfully closer to orgasm now, and I wanted all of it.

I pulled back again and took him all the way this time, his cock deep in my throat. This time I sucked, ever so slightly. I heard him moan as I applied just a little bit of suction, teasing him. But I wanted his come.

I began to bob up and down on his cock now, my tongue sliding all the way up and down his shaft. He grasped my thick shoulders as I sucked. I was getting really fucking moist now though. I slid one finger underneath my jeans and felt my bud pulsing. God I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

I undid my jeans as I sucked him, wanting to feel his heat. I spread my lips apart as I sucked with renewed vigor, unbelievably close to orgasm myself. I slid a finger into my pussy, imagining my pussy taking the place of my mouth as my lips slid up and down his shaft.

He gave a yell as I felt a warm liquid suddenly shoot into my mouth. Over and over again he exploded into my mouth. His cum tasted salty and delicious. His cock throbbed in my mouth as the last of his load shot down my throat. My pussy was soaking wet now as I realized I’d just made another guy cum.

Oh god did I want him to finish me off. I wanted him to lick me as I had done to him. I pulled my mouth off his cock with a slight popping sound.

“I want you to lick me. Make me cum, baby,” I said confidently. He couldn’t speak. He could only nod as I began to pull my jeans off, my pussy wetter than ever. Before I could get them all the way off though, a knocking came from the front door.

I frowned.

“Were you expecting someone?” I asked.

Blake shook his head.

“I didn’t know anyone would be coming by tonight.”

I slid my jeans back on trying to look presentable just in case it was family members or something. Too late I realized I still had some of his cum on my lips as he pulled the door open.

“Why didn’t you fucking call me, asshole?” came a high-pitched female voice from the doorway. Forgetting about the cum on my lips, I moved to get a better view.

A blonde girl stood in the doorway, hands on her hips. She had the most kick ass body I’d ever seen on a girl. I wasn’t into girls or anything, but I could tell this girl had probably banged a lot of dudes. She definitely looked the type. Big tits and a perfect hourglass body? Yeah, definitely a girl who’d been pounded a few hundred times.

“I thought we’d broken up, Sarah,” said Blake, nervously. I knew he was flustered.

Suddenly she spotted me.

“Who the fuck is this?” she said, waltzing in through the door like this was her place. She looked me up and down, noticed the cum on my lips, and snarled, turning back to Blake.

“Did you just fuck her or something? This fat, ugly bitch? I hope you’re just using her or something,” she said viciously. I knew she was clearly a dumb bitch, but the words still cut deep. All of the fears and hurts and embarrassments I’d felt in my life seemed to come back at once. The bitch turned back to me.

“Here honey, you want a life lesson? Never try to compete with the hot girls. You’ll always lose.”

She walked over to Blake and kissed him full on the mouth. I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying it or wanted her off, but I didn’t care. I pushed past them and ran the fuck out of there, completely forgetting about my job application. Fuck it all, I thought, tears streaming down my face now.

Claire looked up as I burst into our apartment and collapsed on the couch, sobbing. She hurried over to me and put a hand on my shoulder.