The Alpha's Secret Family(9)

By: Jessie Lane

Leaning his head down, he took her mouth in a hungry kiss that stole her breath. Playful nips to her lips, skillful movements of his tongue in and out of her mouth, all of it overwhelming her bit by bit. Slowly, he then lowered her to the bed until her back was touching the soft pillowtop mattress, her legs still wrapped around his waist.

Pulling back from their kiss, with a husky voice, he asked, “Slow or fast, mate?”

“Slow, handsome. You gave me wild wolfman last round.”

He dropped his face so that his nose could skim her neck and murmured, “Slow it is, then.” Pushing her shirt up to bare her abdomen, Stone looked down her body and growled again. “Have I told you lately how much I love your body?”

Dia nodded. “About ten minutes ago, love.”

“Ten minutes too long, then.” He pulled out of her embrace so that he could skim his nose over her vulnerable belly. Then he licked it with his tongue, circling her belly button. “I love your body. It’s perfect, and I want to kiss every inch of it.”

“Every inch?” she gasped.

He nodded. “Every inch, sweetheart.”

Feeling a bit devious again, Dia whispered, “How about you kiss a certain spot a little lower?” She bit her bottom lip as a big smile spread across his face.

“As you wish, mate.”

With that, Stone dropped to his knees at the end of the bed and grabbed her by her hips to drag her body closer to him until her core was right there for him. She could already feel the warm breath from his mouth as he started inching closer to her throbbing center, making the anticipation of his touch seem torturous. When he finally did kiss her there, Dia gasped at the sensation. Stone knew just how to touch her to drive her wild. It was as if he was in tune with her every need.

He kissed her clit, then circled it with his tongue. Going straight for the sensitive spot was a shock, but a pleasant one. It wasn’t long before he was licking her in firm strokes, driving her mad with want for him to be inside of her.

“I need you, Stone.”

At her words, he stopped. “You have me, Dia, always.”

She reached down and grabbed the sides of his face, gently pulling up so he would follow her unspoken directions. Stone settled himself between her thighs, brushing his hard, long length against her core, causing her to gasp and arch into him for more.

“Please, love,” she begged him.

Stone lowered his face until their foreheads touched. He wanted to surround himself in the intimacy of this moment between himself and the one he loved; soak it up until it was embedded into his being. She fulfilled both him and his wolf like nobody else ever could.

“Please what, sweetheart?” he asked her.

Dia reached up so she could kiss him, delving her tongue in his mouth to swirl with his. Then she pulled back. “Please fill me up with you. When I leave here, I want to feel you for days. Every time I sit, walk, or move, I want to feel the memory of you inside of me.”

A growl of pure need escaped him, and he used his hips to position himself at her opening. With one long, slow thrust, he filled her completely as she gasped out his name in pleasure. Then, when he was seated to the hilt, he asked, “Do you feel me now, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Do you want to feel more?” he asked.

“I want to feel everything, Stone.”

“As you wish, mate.”

Stone started moving in and out of Dia. Long, slow, but firm thrusts with his eyes locked on her own. Setting a steady rhythm that drove her higher and higher until tears of happiness were slipping from her eyes, and even Stone’s eyes were darkening with emotion. It didn’t take long before he was pushing her over the crest of ecstasy. Plummeting her physically into an orgasm so strong, her entire body was trembling with the effects of it.

Dia grabbed Stone’s shoulders with both hands, digging her nails into his skin as she became overwhelmed with both pleasure and the love she had for the man inside of her.

It was then, as she dug her nails into him, that she saw his eyes flash his wolf’s amber glow, letting her know the animal was here as much as the man was, right before Stone ripped the shoulder of her shirt open with his right hand to bare the skin there. Before she knew it, he was biting her again on her mate mark, and her pleasure became more than she could handle.

Dia cried out blissfully, loving the feel of Stone surrounding her, inside of her, in every way that mattered, from his cock to his teeth. Making her his in all ways. She couldn’t imagine life without him in moments like these.

Stone’s tempo sped up a little. His thrusts became stronger until she could feel his long length tapping against the opening of her womb. She was too full, but damn it felt good. He thrusted just like that, giving her that overwhelmingly full feeling once, twice, and then on the third, he pulled his teeth from her shoulder and roared his release.