The Alpha's Secret Family(6)

By: Jessie Lane

Finally, just before they would hit Lexington, in the town of Versailles, Stone asked her to close her eyes. Dia almost asked him why, then decided to let the man have his surprise. She had a feeling giving in just this once was going to be worth it.

She took one last long look at him, then gave him her trust by closing her eyes.

“Thank you, princess.”

Feeling playful, Dia reminded him, “I’m not a fucking princess,” to which he laughed.

When they stopped, Stone gently pulled her out of the truck, then hauled her up into his arms. “Hold on tight, sweetheart. This won’t take long.”

She felt him walk away from the truck and heard his steps in the grass beneath his boots. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, so she took the opportunity to put her nose at the spot between his shoulder and neck, inhaling his natural spicy scent. Stone gave her a little growl, and she couldn’t help laughing at the sound.

Dia had no idea how long Stone carried her to their destination, but just when she was about to say something to him about putting her down because she didn’t want to break his back before they could have sex, Stone finally stopped.

Setting her gently on her feet, his deep voice rumbled, “Ready?”

Dia was breathless with anticipation as she felt Stone move behind her, setting his hands on her hips before placing his mouth next to the shell of her ear.

“Open your eyes, princess.”

What she saw next took her breath away. It was a castle—in freaking Kentucky!

It was made of stone with several turrets, and even from a distance, she could see it was two generous levels tall. The sun was setting behind it, the sky a red and peach flow, in stark contrast to the lavender clouds. It was by far the most beautiful thing she had seen in her entire life.

Stone’s deep voice rumbled softly next to her ear. “Thought I could bring my princess to see a castle sunset.”

“I’m not a fucking princess,” she whispered back, still in awe.

He laughed, then buried his face in her neck. Mumbling against her skin, he said the three words she was getting oh so used to hearing him say. “As you wish.”

“This is like a fairy tale,” Dia told him, still staring at the glorious sight before them.

Stone’s body went rock hard with tension behind her, and his grip tightened on her hips, almost to the point of pain. “And do you believe in fairy tales, Dia?”

Prying his hands off her, she turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. “These days, I think I do.”

“And what if I told you I was something straight out of a fairy tale, would you believe me?”

Thinking he was teasing, Dia teased back, “Is this where you tell me you really are Prince Charming?”

When Stone didn’t laugh at her joke, Dia took notice of the tension in the air around them and stiffened herself.

“Or, are you the frog under those clothes?”

He grabbed her tightly, almost as if he was afraid she would ask him to let her go. “I’m not Prince Charming, sweetheart.”

“Then what are you talking about?” Dia asked him, confused.

“I’m the big bad wolf, Dia.”

She started to laugh, thinking he was joking again, but his serious face stopped her.

Quickly getting confused and frustrated with his mood swings, she snapped, “Fine, if you’re such a big bad wolf, then how about you prove it to me, then? Do something … wolfy.”

One of his eyebrows cocked up. “Wolfy?”

Dia nodded, determined to straighten out this confusing mess. She had no idea what the hell Stone was trying to get at here, but she wasn’t one for bullshit. It was best just to cut right through the crap.

Crossing her arms over her chest, she reiterated her command, “Wolfy, mister.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Stone started to move, but not in any way she had expected him to. No, the crazy man started stripping his clothes off.

“What the hell are you doing, Stone?” Dia glanced around, worried someone might see him getting naked.

With a laugh in his voice, Stone answered her as he pushed his boots off his feet, “I’m getting wolfy, woman. Give me a minute, would ya?”

Tired of the man acting like a total lunatic, Dia put a hand over her eyes to block the sight of him and shouted, “You will put your clothes back on right this minute, Stone Blaylock, or I will never speak to you again!”

Stone didn’t answer her with words … There were grunts. Then a long groan. Followed by … a growl?

Past the point of confusion, and a whole lot worried, Dia peeked between two of her fingers to where Stone should have been standing. But he wasn’t there. That was when Dia removed her hand altogether and looked to find a massive wolf in his place.