The Alpha's Secret Family(5)

By: Jessie Lane

Since making that decision, she and Stone had been out on five dates. He had taken her out to lunch one day, dinner the next, and to a movie on the third night. He had held her hand, opened every door, and had paid for everything. She was starting to wonder if he was the perfect gentleman, up to the fourth date when he punched a man out for whistling at her ass as she walked by the man’s table.

That was when Dia realized Stone wasn’t just a gentleman; he was an alpha man. And she meant that in the best way. Stone was the sort of man to pound his chest and let the world know she was his woman. He wasn’t going to let anyone else look at, or even think about, what he considered his.

The question Dia had now was simple: Did she want to be Stone’s woman? The man was making it plain as day that was what he considered her. It was obvious in every protective, territorial move he made. The way he placed his hand at the small of her back when they were walking somewhere. How he kissed her breathless every chance she gave him. Even the way he checked her little apartment over the salon every night to make sure it was safe before he kissed her good night then left.

The man was a walking, talking caveman … and she was really starting to like it.

Dia was just finishing up sweeping when she heard the bell over her front door ring. She turned her head to see who was coming in and had to bite her lip not to smile. Every time she saw him now, Dia’s heart would skip a beat and other parts of her would tingle. The man was the epitome of butterflies in her stomach. Sex on a stick. Tall, dark, and sinfully handsome.

To put it mildly, Stone had become her shot of mantastic love drug, and she had quickly becoming addicted to him.

“Hey, handsome, what are you doing here?”

Stone stopped only a few inches from her. She could smell the cinnamon gum he had been chewing. Mmmmm … she loved cinnamon. That would make it fun to kiss him later.

That wasn’t what held her attention, though. No, it was his eyes. There was something about them today that was different. She just couldn’t quite put her finger on it. It was almost as if he was anxious or something.

“You have any more clients today?”

Dia shook her head.

“Will you come out with me, then? I have a surprise for you, but I warn you, it’s a bit of a drive.”

Leaning on the broom, Dia cocked her hip to the side and put her hand on it. “How far of a drive?”

“Two hours. Think you can make it that far, princess?”

She had gotten used to him calling her the nickname, but it didn’t mean she liked it.

Deciding to be sarcastic, Dia said, “Don’t know, handsome, might be too far. If we are out past my bedtime, I turn into a pumpkin.”

Stone leaned forward until their mouths almost touched. “What if I told you it was worth staying up past your bedtime?”

Her breath hitched at his innuendo. Was she ready to get handsy with the hunk she had been seeing?

Stone leaned forward and ran his nose along hers, before giving her a small, enticing kiss on the mouth. Then he pulled back and whispered, “Come with me.”

“Ever heard of the word please?” she whispered back, trying to sass him.

He shook his head, and she giggled as he wrapped an arm around Dia’s waist and brought their bodies flush together. It was then that his eyes pleaded with her as he said again, “Come with me.”

Dia felt that same feeling she had back at the diner when she had first met Stone. As if this moment was important, and her whole life was about to change. It sounded crazy to think that, but she couldn’t help it. So now the question was: Did she take a chance on the caveman and the crazy feeling?

Fuck it. Hadn’t that been what she had been doing since she told Betty Ann she would move to Battletown and take over the salon?

Dia took a big breath for courage. “Lead the way, Prince Charming.”

Stone cocked his head to the side instead of moving like she thought he would. “And what if I said I was the big bad wolf instead of Prince Charming? Would you run from me, then?”

Dia bit her bottom lip nervously. “What if I told you I thought wolves were cute and furry, so even you, the big bad wolf, couldn’t make me run away?”

Stone answered her cryptically, “Let’s hope you’re right.” Then, without giving her a chance to say another word, he pulled her out the door, only stopping long enough to let her lock up.

The next two hours and five minutes were spent in his truck, traveling the roads to wherever the surprise was. They sat in companionable silence, Dia curled up against Stone’s side on the bench seat as he drove. For a while, she thought he might be taking her to Lexington, based on the highway signs, but when she asked him if that was their destination, he told her no.