The Alpha's Secret Family(4)

By: Jessie Lane

“You’re not going to give up, are you?” Dia asked, trying to push down the urge to be sick. It wasn’t that she had second thoughts about going out with Stone; it was the knowledge that she had almost just bit the dust! And here he was, lying on top of her and asking her out for a date!

He brought his head down until they were nose to nose. “On you, princess? Never.”

That temper of hers flared to life. “I just almost died! Are you kidding me? Get off me, you ass, so I can call the cops!”

“Not until you agree to go out with me.”

“Have you lost your fucking mind?” she yelled angrily at him.

Stone, however, wasn’t the least bit bothered by Dia’s anger. He just kept staring at her as he said, “Well, are you going to go out with me now or what? I can lie here like this all night, princess.”

“Yes!” Dia shouted in frustration. “Yes, I’ll go out with you! Now, please get off me.”

Stone slid down her body until his feet hit the ground, and then he grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

The moment Dia’s feet hit the ground, she was looking through her purse for her cell phone. And the second she whipped it out, Stone grabbed it from her.

“You won’t be needing that, sweetheart.”

Giving him an incredulous look, Dia asked, “Why the hell not?”

He nodded toward the direction the Jeep had disappeared. “That was old woman Jones. She’s almost ninety years old and drives to the grocery store once a week. Problem is, she has a lead foot, and I suspect she’s blind as a bat. She probably never saw you standing there. Now, you wouldn’t want to put an old lady in jail, would you?”

Dia’s jaw dropped open as she realized what he had just done. “You tricked me into a date.”

The infuriating man had the nerve to smile at her. “I’ll do what I have to do to get what I want. Keep that in mind, princess.” Handing her phone back, Stone then turned away and headed toward his truck, whistling.

Dia watched him open the door and climb in, still too shocked at his devious ploy to say anything else.

Before he closed the door, he looked back to her and winked. “See you tomorrow for lunch, princess.” Then the man shut his truck door and drove away like he hadn’t just turned her entire world upside down.

Damn men! If he hadn’t just saved her life, she would totally Taser his nuts.

Chapter Two

One week later…

“I want you to make me a strawberry blonde, but I don’t want you to use any red, orange, or gold hair dyes. Just the strawberry and the blonde.”

Dia looked at her new client with what she hoped wasn’t murder in her eyes. Why was it that women always thought they could come in here and ask the impossible of her? Did she look like some sort of wish-granting genie? Since she was wearing her normal black dress pants, a cute top, her favorite heels, with her hair and makeup done, she would have to say that, no, she did not look like a freaking genie. Unless there was an alternate world where genies looked like super curvy, hairstyling Barbie dolls.

She couldn’t just haul off and let the woman have it, though, so she tried to be nice about it. Miss Dempey—”

“That’s Mrs. Dempey, young lady,” her client told her with a disdainful sniff.

Dia’s temper flared, and she had to silently chant to herself not to cut a bald spot on the woman’s head.

Clearing her mind, she tried again. “Mrs. Dempey, there is no way I can make you a strawberry blonde without using red, gold, or orange. Especially the red. Hence the strawberry in the blonde.”

Outraged, the uppity woman stood up from the chair. “You’re just as incompetent as Betty Anne was! I’ll just have to drive into Louisville to get my hair done by real professionals.”

At the end of her tirade, the customer stormed out, leaving Dia seething in her wake. What she wouldn’t give to put some hair remover in that woman’s shampoo bottle.

Left in the shop with no appointments scheduled for the rest of her day, Dia took one look at the clock, saw it was three in the afternoon, and thought, Fuck it. I’m closing the salon early and going home.

In a foul mood, she started the process of closing. When she was down to sweeping the floors for the last time that day, her mind turned back to the man it thought of a little too much these days—Stone.

A week ago, she had given in to temptation and decided to let the man try to woo her. It might have sounded old fashioned, but that was only because Dia had grown up with two parents who were madly in love with each other. Her mom had always told her that she needed to wait for a man who made her body tingle from head to toe. Her father had said she needed to wait for a man that she couldn’t stop thinking about. It seemed Stone fit both of those criteria.

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