The Alpha's Secret Family(3)

By: Jessie Lane

Every day, he asked the same question: “Will you go out with me tonight?”

Every day, for six days straight, Dia had given him the same answer: “No.”

And just before he would leave, Stone would say the same thing: “As you wish, princess.”

The first time he had said that to her, she had flipped him the bird. The second time, because there hadn’t been anyone in the shop to see her do it, she had thrown a comb at his head. The man had simply ducked the flying arsenal and laughed at her. The third time he called her princess, she had been ready to rip both his and her own hair out in a frustrated rage. By the fourth day, however, she couldn’t help wondering why not? Even after he had shown up and she had once again told him “no,” she had found herself thinking about him after he had left.

Why did he come in every day to ask the same question, knowing he was probably going to get the same answer? And why did he insist on calling her “princess?” It had to be because he knew it drove her crazy.

What he didn’t know was, by the fifth day, it had also made her smile after he left. The man had the balls to say it to her every day, and apparently, she liked that in a man more than she had realized. So much so, that later that night, while she had been lying in bed, she had started to think about him. His gorgeous smile and pretty eyes. How his rugged features made him stand out in a crowd. It was then that Dia had decided that, if Stone came back for more than a week, she would give in and let him take her out on a date.

Now it was day seven, and Dia was nervous. Would Stone come by again? Or had he taken all of her noes to heart and given up on her? It wasn’t until now, at the thought of losing his attention, that Dia realized just how much she had come to crave it. And here it was, five-thirty and Stone had yet to come by for the day.

Disheartened that she had scared away the man who had become the object of her fascination, Dia turned out the lights, walked out the front door, and locked her salon up for the night.

Completely preoccupied with her thoughts and feeling sort of sad, she turned and started walking toward her car, her eyes on the ground. That was probably why, as she walked around the front of her car, she didn’t see the car flying toward her down the busy street.

Tires squealed, catching her attention. She turned her head just in time to see a black Jeep racing straight toward her. Truly, it was only ten feet or so from hitting her, and she knew she was probably about to die.

That didn’t stop her from turning and throwing herself in the direction she had just come from, but as she felt something hit her hard, she realized it was too late. She hadn’t moved fast enough to get out of the Jeep’s path.

Her back hit the hood of her car and a heavy weight slammed down on top of her as she heard the Jeep rev its engine and drive on. Dia listened to the vehicle as it disappeared into the distance, unwilling to open her eyes. The weight on top of her was so heavy she figured it was probably a piece of the Jeep that had broken off. With her luck, it would probably crush her to death. She figured it would be better if she just laid there and hoped she died quickly.

A few silent minutes passed, and then the heavy weight on top of her shifted, just plain freaking her the fuck out! How could a piece of car laying on top of you move when you were lying still?

“Are you just going to lie there all night?”

Her eyes popped open in shock at the rumbly voice that had spoken to her, and she gasped.

There was Stone, not some piece of a Jeep, holding her down on the hood of her car. Now that she was paying attention, she could feel every hard muscle of his body pressing against hers. His legs were straddling her, lining his body up with hers perfectly, his manhood snug against her core.

Honestly, Dia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Part of her wanted to laugh because the very man she had been thinking about was on top of her. The other part of her wanted to cry because she had thought she was going to be a goner there for a second. Thanks to the man staring down at her, she was going to keep breathing long enough to try out that red hair dye she had been eyeing for the last year.

Dia was just about to thank Stone, but in true annoying man fashion, he opened his mouth and said, “You know, I just saved your life.”

“Yes, and I’m very grateful for that,” she told him honestly. “Now, can you please get off me? I think we should probably call the police. Whoever that was in the Jeep was driving like a maniac!”

Stone didn’t move a muscle. Instead, he asked, “Will you go out with me now?”

The question made her queasy stomach flip, which wasn’t really a good thing at the moment.