The Alpha's Secret Family(2)

By: Jessie Lane

It didn’t take much to set off Dia’s fiery temper.

Of course, the urge to hit him abruptly died away when she got her first good look at the man she had studiously tried to avoid only seconds before. The word beautiful didn’t seem to do the man justice. No, he was absolutely and utterly beard-bodacious beautiful.

He had dark, shaggy hair she immediately wanted to run her fingers through, and gorgeous steel-grey eyes. His facial features were strong, like his jaw, and undoubtedly handsome. Rugged was how one might describe them. Not Dia, though. No, the word predatory was the word that came to mind as she looked at his intent eyes and the smirk on his lips. The man was staring at her like he was a starving wolf and she was the plump, little lamb he had set his sights on.

Would it be terribly wrong if she gave in to temptation and asked him to eat her? Because looking at the stranger made her hotter than any other man had before. He was just that damn devastating. The realization made Dia feel confused because she had never had this sort of reaction to a man before.

The stranger’s smirk spread into a huge grin as he watched her after she snapped the heated words at him.

She waited for his rebuttal; some condescension that she hadn’t needed to be so snippety. Instead, he leaned forward and whispered, “All right, sweetheart, I get it; you’re not a princess. I just couldn’t help myself because, here you sit, in this little restaurant, surrounded by farmers and working men, prettier than anything I’ve ever seen in my whole life. You haven’t noticed that every single man’s eyes are glued to you, and you haven’t seen their pitiful attempts to get your attention. So, I had to come over here and make sure you had no choice but to notice me.”

“Why is that?” she asked him curiously.

“Because you’re mine.”

Dia’s eyebrows shot up to her hairline. “Ugh, you might not want to come on so strongly, buddy.”

“As you wish.”

Oh boy, Dia suddenly had the overwhelming feeling that she was in serious trouble with this guy. She just hoped it was the good time sort of trouble.

Chapter One

One week later…

“I told him his dick was so small that it looked like a California raisin.”

The two clients in Dia’s shop started giggling at the story one told the other about catching their cheating boyfriend in the act. Dia knew the sting of that sort of situation, as it had happened to her in the past.

She smiled at the women’s conversation as she trimmed the client’s ends on her angled bob. The women had come in that day, stating they wanted makeovers, and now Dia knew why. There was nothing like giving the proverbial middle finger to an ex-boyfriend, then stepping out the next day, looking better than you had while you were dating. For that reason alone, Dia wanted to make sure that she had every strand cut to perfection. That was probably why it caught her off guard when they asked her a question.

“Miss Dia, I hear you’ve got a sexy man at your beck and call these days,” her client’s friend said in a teasing voice.

Dia tried not to blush, but failed. Damn her pale skin!

Shrugging as if to play it off, she admitted to the women, “He’s certainly persistent.”

“Giiiiiiirl,” her client sang out in the chair. “You have no idea how juicy this gossip is. Stone Blaylock hasn’t ever chased a woman. Now you move to town, and he’s on you like a dog is on a bone. The whole town is talking about it.”

“Dog with a bone, eh?” Her friend laughed. “If that man is a dog, then he can give me a tongue bath anytime, and then I want to play with his bone.”

The two women burst into giggles all over again. Only, Dia didn’t smile at them this time. Something inside of her didn’t like the idea of other women fantasizing about Stone. It was an irrational feeling, but damn if she could help herself. The confusion her emotions brought kept her mind busy as she finished up her client’s cut, and then checked the women out of her salon.

Glancing at the clock, Dia saw time had flown by, and it was already five o’clock, which meant it was time to start closing the salon for the night.

She was almost done with her routine, sweeping the floor one last time, when she started to think about the Stone. The man was impossible. Every day her little salon had been open he had come in to see her. The first time was for a haircut and to ask her out on a date. She had given him a trim and told him no on the date. Then she had charged him double what she normally would for a men’s cut just to be a pain in his ass. That hadn’t stopped the man from coming back, though.