Tank's Property(9)

By: Jenika Snow

“Man, I hate to call you out of the blue and ask for something—”

“I’m here for you, for whatever reason. You’ve been like family to me, and the years that passed don’t change that.” Wrath was tense now, knowing Tank wanted something, and hoping like hell it didn’t have to do with Lila. But this nagging in his gut told him shit was bad if a man he’d thought of as a brother all those years ago—even now if he was being honest—wanted his help. Tank was in an MC now, so surely they could help a brother out?

Maybe not the way you can.

“You know me better than anyone, even my club. But I wouldn’t have called and asked this if it wasn’t pretty fucking serious, man.” There was a long pause after Tank spoke, but Wrath didn’t say anything, just waited for the man to get on with it. As it was images of Lila kept flashing through his head, and it was the sound of his nails digging into the wood of his desk that had him snapping out of it.

She better be okay. Nothing better have happened to Lila.

“It’s about Lila. She’s in deep, and I know if anyone could help me protect her it’s you.”

And everything in Wrath tensed, stopped, and he knew that whoever had fucked with Lila would be fucking with the very devil himself when they came up against him.

Chapter Four

Tank sat in the club’s meeting room, all the guys sitting around the table and waiting for Lucien, their club’s Prez to come in before business was started. He was going to broach the subject about Spike, show them the information he’d dug up on the asshole, and knew they’d have his back no matter what. That was what being in the club was for everyone. They were a family, a group of men that lived by a certain code, killed to protect the MC and its members, and didn’t look back or have any remorse over their actions. They couldn’t have empathy for what happened, not if they wanted to stay on top.

Lucien finally came in, and the room grew silent at the hard look on Lucien’s face. He walked over to the head of the table, sat down, and Tank knew before all the business talk got started he needed to have this come out in the open.

“I have some urgent business I need to discuss with the club,” Tank said and emptied out the manila envelope that held all the shit he’d dug up on Spike and his crew. He knew everyone was looking at him, but he was focused on Lucien.

“What kind of business?” Lucien asked and reached for the papers that were scattered across the table. He started rifling through the papers, and Tank didn’t wait to get this rolling. He couldn’t. This was too damn important.

“My sister came to me last night. She ran from a wannabe club run by a prick named Spike. They are stationed in Thorne, and she thinks he’ll come after her and … her baby.” A few of the members started shifting on their seats, and Tank looked around, seeing the other bikers glancing at each other, their expressions hard.

“I’m going after him,” Tank said before Lucien could respond to the paperwork.

Lucien lifted a brow.

“My sister thinks the prick that runs the group will come after her for running. She has a newborn, and also thinks the leader might go after anyone she’s close with if he can’t immediately get to her. I have no reason not to believe her.” The silence stretched on for a second. “This is personal.”

Lucien looked down at the paperwork again, and after a second he pushed it all aside and looked at Tank. “You want the club to support your decision on this, or you want us to go guns blazing and take them out with you?” There was another second of silence.

What did Tank want? He knew even if the club hadn’t given him their approval or their manpower, Tank would have still gone after Spike. But he wasn’t a fool in thinking doing this alone wouldn’t have upped the chances of him getting killed.

“Either way you know we have your back.”

Tank looked at Lucien after the Prez spoke.

Tank felt this weight being lifted from his shoulders knowing Lucien wouldn’t stop him from going rogue. Knowing without a doubt his MC was there, ready to lie down for him and his sister, meant the fucking world. The club was his family, and it was almost enough to make a grown man choke up.

“I will have to go to Thorne to get a family friend away from the sick fuck, because if he does go after anyone close to my sister, it would be Bunny. I don’t know him or his group, aside from what I dug up, but that little bit of information was sick and twisted, and made me want to slit this fucker’s throat.”

“When do you want to go in there and take them down?” Malice asked.