Taking Her Turn(5)

By: Alexa Riley

I feel her hands trace the planes of my chest as she sits up and looks into my eyes. “You know how much I love you, don’t you, King?”

“Mina, untie me. Right now,” I say, being firm but trying not to get angry. “This was a cute little joke, but undo them so I can kiss you.”

“My King. You are the love of my life.” She leans down and kisses me softly on my chest. She trails her lips from one nipple to the next, leaving a streak of fire as she goes. “I know that you think I’m delicate—”

“You are!” I snap, then take a breath. I need to calm down. I can probably break free if I try.

“I know you think you’re going to hurt me.” I start to say something, but she places a finger over my mouth to silence me. “But you’re not. You’re holding back when we make love and I don’t like it. I want you all in when we’re intimate. I want you to make love to me.” She leans down so her lips are next to my ear. “And I want you to fuck me, too.”

I squeeze my eyes closed as my cock throbs. Her dirty words send lightning all the way down to my dick. I pull at the restraints and this time I try harder to break them, but they don’t give.

She kisses my chest again and I look at her. She doesn’t break eye contact as she moves down my naked body, her intent clear.

“Don’t do that. Stop it, Mina.” I tug the restraints so hard the bed shakes.

She giggles as she kisses my lower stomach, right next to where my rock-hard cock is lying. “It’s my turn to enjoy you, King.”

“That’s my job,” I tell her and clench my teeth.

“You’ve never let me taste you. Not even once. I was an untouched virgin when I met you, and I want to know what it tastes like. What my husband’s cum tastes like.”

I slam my head back on the pillow and grunt at her filthy words. Never did I expect my sweet, innocent angel to be so hot and nasty. Goddamn it, she’s torturing me, and I’m getting off on it.

“I think it’s time I learned how to give a blow job.”

I cry out at the first tease of her tongue across the tip. It’s made worse when she moans around it as she sucks up the cum I can’t stop leaking.

“Mina, stop, I won’t be able to hold back,” I gasp as she takes more of me into her mouth.

She pops off and giggles, rubbing her hands up and down the shaft. “That’s the idea, baby. Just lie back and enjoy it.”

My hips thrust up involuntarily as she goes back down on my dick. I try to hold them down on the mattress, but my legs are so tense the muscles are shaking. “Fuck!” I shout when I hit the back of her throat and she swallows. Her tongue skates down my shaft and my eyes roll to the back of my head.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I chant as I try everything I can to keep from cumming, but it won’t stop. “I’m cumming,” I choke out as I try to pull away from her mouth. But she only follows my movements.

God help me, I look down to see her swallowing all that I give her. My little virgin drinking down every drop, eager for more. I see her hand between her legs and her fingers working her pussy as she does it.

“Goddamn,” I whisper, hearing how wet she is as she sucks me off. “Untie me, baby. Let me taste how wet you are.”

“I’m not finished yet,” she says as she kisses her way up my stomach and chest.

When she sits up, I feel how slick she is as she rubs her pussy on my cock. She raises her hands and slides them down her body before playing with her nipples. Her soaked pussy rubs up and down my hard length, teasing me. My entire body is wired and I know I’m going to break the frame of this bed before she’s done with me.

“I’ve never been on top either,” she says as she sits up and holds my cock at her opening. “I want you to take me rough, King. That night on the couch when you came home, that was hot. I’m not saying it was the best, because every time with you is the best. But I’m saying I want you to lose control and stop treating me like I’m so fragile.”

She slowly lowers herself down on my cock and I watch as each inch sinks into her. She moans and hisses as she adjusts to the size, until she’s seated all the way down. Once she’s there, I groan and she begins to move her hips. She leans forward and presses her hands on my chest as her hips work up and down my length.

My knuckles are white as I clench my fists and my legs ache from pulling at the restraints. But the feel of her riding me is heaven and hell mixed together. Heaven because she’s touching me, but hell because I can’t touch her.