Taking Her Turn(3)

By: Alexa Riley

I grip the steering wheel tighter and try to focus on the road. I’m too keyed up to think about fucking her right now. I need to slow down and think about making love. I sent her a quick text before I got on the road because I knew if I heard her voice, I’d ask her for phone sex. I just can’t get enough of her, and even the drive home is almost too much to bear.

A song comes on about a father and his son and so my thoughts drift to babies. I can’t wait to have a family with Mina. She’s going to be such a great mom, and I want a baby with eyes just like hers. I never thought I’d be the kind of man that daydreams about kids and playgrounds and family vacations, but it seems it’s the only thing taking up room in my head right now and I can’t ignore it. I’ve got baby fever something fierce. Maybe it’s because it’s another way to bring Mina to me, but it doesn’t feel that way deep down. In my soul I know that she’s my other half and I’m ready for us to have it all. The house with the white picket fence, a mess of kids, and my wife on my lap.

What more could a man ask for?

I’m almost home and I can feel my blood pumping in my veins. I’m close to her, and my cock knows it. I reach inside my center console and pull out the pair of panties I stole from her this morning. She slept in them last night, so they smelled so good when I pulled them off of her. I picked them up off the floor before I left and tucked them into my pocket. I had to leave them in my truck today, because I didn’t want anyone else catching the scent.

We’ve got a lot of land that surrounds the big warehouse we call home and the place is pitch black. I pull up on the back side where it’s deserted and turn off my truck. I wait a few moments just to make sure no one is around and then put the panties to my nose. I inhale deep as I free my cock and start to stroke myself.

My mouth waters as the aroma of her sweet little pussy fills my lungs. I think about all the dirty things I’d do to her if she were here in the truck with me as I pump my cock up and down. I’d make her bend over the console and stick her ass in the air while she sucked me off. I’d push my finger into her tight little asshole and make her moan as my cock went to the back of her throat. I’d flip her over and eat her pussy until the windows fogged up, then fuck her until the frame shook.

I take her panties from my face and rub them on my balls as I cum. Visions of her riding me and clawing at my chest fill my mind as the thick cum rolls down my shaft. The orgasm is quick and dirty and not as good as the real thing. It’s cold out here as I clean myself up, but I feel more in control then I did before. Now I won’t go inside and take her like some animal. Now I can go in and make love to my bride.

I miss her in my arms and I’m about to go fix that.

Chapter Three


“Fuck, I’ve missed you,” I hear as he kisses my neck.

I feel King’s rough hands running all over my body, his gruff beard scratching my soft skin as his mouth works against me. I breathe in his scent, letting it surround me. God, I missed him.

I go to wrap my arms around him but get nowhere. “King,” I moan, knowing what he did. My eyes flutter open and the light on the nightstand gives me a clear view of him looking down at me.

His deep blue eyes are intense, making me instantly wet between my legs. He looks tired and keyed up all at the same time. “Untie me.” I try to push against his weight, but he has my lower half pinned to the bed.

“Can’t have you touching me right now,” he grunts out before his mouth takes mine.

He kisses me hard, like he’s starved. I feel him take a deep breath as if he’s trying to get himself under control. All he does is kiss me and he doesn't take it any further for a long time.

“Soft,” he mutters against my lips when he finally calms.

I know he’s not talking to me but to himself. His mouth grows tender over mine right before his tongue licks across my lips. I open my mouth to invite him in, and he accepts. I try to deepen the kiss, wanting to have hard, rough sex, but King keeps it lazy and sweet.

“Miss me?” he asks against my lips. I nod, trying to take his mouth again, but he’s in control. “I couldn’t breathe until I walked in this door.” His lips move down my neck. “Always such a good girl. Doing what I tell you.” I know he’s talking about me sleeping in his shirt. Maybe I do it because he tells me to, but I also do it because it reminds me of him. Smelling him around me while I sleep when he’s gone is the only way I can sleep without him.

He grabs for the shirt, ripping it easily from my body and tossing it to the floor. He kneels between my legs and I see he’s completely naked already. My eyes go to his cock, sticking straight out. It’s tight and angry-looking on the tip as cum leaks down the head of it. I lick my lips. I want to take him into my mouth, but that’s something he’s never let me do before.