Taking Her Turn(10)

By: Alexa Riley

Her pussy is squeezing me tight as I thrust in and out. It’s too good and I won’t last much longer.

I move one hand off her hip and slide it around to her pussy. I play with her clit and move my lips to her ear. “You like when I’m in charge, and we both know it. But you want me taking you like a beast, don’t you?”

She nods and moans into my hand.

“That’s right. It’s okay if you like it. You’re my good girl.” Her pussy tightens with my dirty words of praise and I know she won’t last much longer. “I’m done trying to pretend I’m not an animal for you. I’m done forcing myself to be calm when all I want to do is mount you on the nearest surface and rut. I’m done with holding back.”

I place a kiss on her neck and her body arches against me before she shatters. Her orgasm pulses straight down to her cunt and she milks me dry. I hold her tight to me as we both cum, and I keep myself from passing out on top of her.

When the last of her orgasm has been wrung out, I turn us so we’re lying on our sides on the couch. I wrap her in my arms and kiss along her shoulder as she hums in satisfaction.

“Do you promise?” she says, and I run my nose along her neck.

“Do I promise what?”

“To not go back to the way things were. To stop trying to control everything when it comes to me.”

I lean up and look into her eyes as I smile down at her. “There’s no going back with you, Mina. I tried, and it didn’t work. You’ve been breaking down my walls since day one. It’s time I realize that you know what’s best for us.”

“I like the sound of being right,” she says, and giggles.

“Happy wife, happy life,” I say, and rub my nose against hers. “I love you.”

“I love you, too. My big beast.”



One month later…

I pace the kitchen waiting for King to get back home. The past month has been more than I could have dreamed of. King didn’t lie when he told me he wasn’t holding back anymore. I got every part of him, from slow lovemaking to ripping my dress off and fucking me against the nearest wall whenever he wanted, which was often.

I’ve found out that I still like to poke at him, though. Twice more this month he stalked me down to the warehouse floor to fling me over his shoulder and carry me back up to his office. People have gotten used to it. They’ve also learned to look the other way, otherwise King will let out a string of curses. King’s punishments have been delicious, though I’d never tell him that. I have a feeling he already knows.

He’s getting more creative and even poking back at me. Often times when we’re in public he slides his hand under my skirt, taking me to the edge and then leaving me hanging. By the time we get home I’m wrapped around him so tight neither one of us will come up for air for hours.

When I hear the house alarm engage I rush over to the stove and stir the sauce for the spaghetti I’m making. It’s too early for dinner, but I had to do something to keep busy or I was going to wear a hole in the kitchen floor. A few moments later King comes up from behind and he wraps his arms around me. My body melts into him like always as he trails kisses down my neck. I breathe in his earthy smell that has a trace of motor oil to it today.

“You get the truck working?” I ask, leaning back so he can kiss my neck more. It’s my weak spot and he knows it.

He gives it a little bite. “Yeah. Got it back on the road. Delivery will still be on time. No worries.” He begins to suck and I know he’s freshening the little mark he left on me last night. I set the spoon down and turn in his arms to rub his chest. I smile when I see a smear of grease on the side of his face. “You’re dirty.”

“Then my wife will have to clean me up.” He leans in, kissing me deeply. I moan into his mouth. “Turn the stove off.”

I turn my body a little and flip if off. King has me in his arms a moment later and we’re moving through the house towards our bathroom.

I kiss and bite at his neck as he moves down the hallway. I don’t want to lose what we have. The past month has been more than I could have ever imagined. I thought I was close to King before, but it’s nothing like we are now. I know everything about him. He hides nothing, not even the dark desires he has for me.

Desires he admitted he’d never had before me, ones I brought out of him, and at first it scared him. That’s why he’d been holding back. He didn’t want to scare me, because losing me was something he could never bear. My heart melted at that. He’s spent the last month showing me every piece of him while I’ve been showing him I’m never going anywhere. Ever.