Summer's Alpha(9)

By: K.S. Martin

“Good night Summer.” He was in my ear now and my core clenched. Oh for crying out loud. I need to find a mate so I can stop this. I can feel his breath on my neck. This bed is smaller than I thought. I am not going to sleep tonight with him this close. He shifts and rolls even closer to me. I turn on my side giving him my back. I’ll pretend he isn’t there, I decide. Jackson’s arm snakes around my middle and he pulls me into the curve of his body. Crap. I hope I don’t have that dream if I do fall asleep. How embarrassing would that be? “Sleep.”

“What?” I turn my head to see his amber eyes watching me.

“I can hear your mind racing. Sleep. Relax and sleep.” He says close to my ear. I turn my face away and close my eyes. I drift. It’s the fastest I’ve ever fallen asleep.

Chapter 4

I wake to the smell of bacon frying and coffee brewing. My mouth waters instantly. I swing my legs out from under the covers and get up. I brush my teeth and get dressed. When I glance at the clock, I want to kill him. It is six o’clock in the morning. He’s nuts if he thinks that I am getting up this early. I take my jeans off and get back in bed. “I thought that you were up. I heard water running.” Jackson is in the doorway to the bedroom.

“It’s six in the morning. I get up at nine, I have three hours.” I mumble. Jackson pulls the quilt back and lifts me out of bed setting me on my feet.

“Breakfast is ready now. If you want to go back to sleep after then be my guest.” He tugs me toward the kitchen and puts me in a cold chair. I jump up squealing and go to find my pants. I mumble about stupid people who don’t know how to stay in bed until a decent time and I hear him chuckle. He’s laughing at me. He can hear me and he’s laughing at me. My temper kicks in partly from lack of sleep and partly from annoyance. I want to hit him. I march into the kitchen, try to smack him but he catches my hand and sits me down. His eyes are flashing amber and I sit. When a wolf’s eyes flash, it can mean so many things. Desire, anger, loss, any extreme emotion qualifies. His were definitely flashing with anger. I dropped my head. Since when did I submit to Jackson? Oh yeah since the day I figured out that we are both alphas. We have always been equals except the day that Kelly left. I really need to figure all of this out some time when I have a free moment. “What time do I meet the alpha?” Jackson said around a mouthful of eggs. I heard someone knock at my back door and went to it. I prayed that it wasn’t my father. That he had not followed Jackson. I went to the door and scented a strange wolf. I opened it and stepped back.

“You must be Summer.” He smiled broadly and put his hand out for me to take. I heard Jackson growl behind me. “And you must be Jackson.” He put out his hand to Jackson. “I’m Larry, current beta in the East View pack.” Crap, he just told Jackson where we were. There went his plausible deniability. “I was anxious to meet you both actually. We have searched and searched for an alpha. We’ve come up with nothing that suits us so far and here you both are. Are you mated?” Jackson sat down and gestured to a chair for Larry.

“Not yet.” Jackson answered. I’d misunderstood that one, I thought he meant to each other but now I realize he just meant in general. “Eat. Don’t be shy.” My brows furrowed. That was my damned breakfast. Jackson was digging into his breakfast and ignoring me. I look into the pan and discover that there’s more. I grab another plate and fill it up. Now that I’m awake, I am hungry. I pour coffee listening to their conversation. He has twenty members, mostly male, a lot of them elderly. The pack in this town has been dying off for some time now. There are very few females so the males leave to find mates and most of the males that are left are all older. I wonder why they don’t mate humans. It happens. Larry is a widow. His wife was a victim of cancer. Werewolves can regenerate quickly, heal quickly but if the cancer is aggressive, even the strongest wolves submit to that. I eat standing up while the big strong men ignore me. When I finish I start washing the dishes. It’s only fair that since he cooked, I will clean. I open the fridge and see that he’s been to the store. What time did he get up? Walking it roundtrip would take a half an hour, ten minutes in the store, he showered, that’s fifteen minutes, and he cooked breakfast. He’s been up since like four I estimate. Wow. We went to bed around midnight. Does he not need any sleep at all? I need at least six hours and that’s all that he gave me. I go to take their dishes and Jackson puts an arm around my waist. “Like I said we aren’t mated yet but it’s inevitable. If it’s a requirement that your pack has for their alpha to be mated, I will take care of it immediately.” My eyes go round. What the hell did he just say? That we would be mated? And it was inevitable? What was he saying? I should’ve been paying more attention to the conversation and less to what time Jackson got up. I pick up the dishes and carry them to the sink to wash. “Summer and I have been together for twenty years. We are a great team, we know what the other is thinking most of the time, and you won’t find better leaders.” He can’t be serious. Is he feeding this wolf a line to get the position? I rinse and dry the last of the dirty dishes then put them away.

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