Summer's Alpha(8)

By: K.S. Martin

“And if I’m staying you are taking me back to get my damn truck.” I laugh. His truck is his baby. It was his grandpa’s and willed to him. Jackson spends most of his weekends working on it or rubbing it with a diaper.

“Okay yeah, I can do that.” I adjusted my grip on the steering wheel.

“Damn right.” He crossed his arms over his chest and I shook my head at his tough act in Shirley’s pink sleep mask.


“So this is it.” I turned the light on and let him into the living room. The kitchen is through there, the bedroom just there and the bathroom is in the bedroom.

“So this is it then. This is tiny Summer. How do you breathe in here?” He carried his backpack into the bedroom and tossed it on the bed.

“Well I suck air in and blow it out. It’s clean, it’s free, and it was furnished. My boss owns the building and she took pity on me. All I have to do is be home most nights to deter burglars.” He nodded and went to the fridge grabbing the orange juice. I hand him a cup, which he filled and offered to me. I shook my head and he downed it in one gulp. “I’m exhausted. If you want to watch TV in the living room, it has basic cable but I’m going to bed after I shower.” He nodded.

“You should eat Summer. I heard your belly growling.”

“Then make yourself useful and make me a sandwich.” He turned and opened the fridge. I like it when he’s agreeable. I went to the bedroom and grabbed new panties and a sleep shirt. He planned to sleep with me. We haven’t done that since we were little. It didn’t ever feel weird to me. Dad had a problem with it. When Jackson hit puberty, Dad wouldn’t allow him to sleep over anymore. We still slept curled up with each other out at the pond on lazy afternoons, but it’s been a long time since that happened too. I let the hot water pound against my shoulders easing the sore muscles. This was a long day and I was ready to collapse. I dried myself and got dressed. I braided my wet hair then went to the kitchen. Jackson was sitting in a chair. God he’s so gorgeous. How did the skinny kid with the gapped teeth grow into this? Who am I kidding? I liked him when he was skinny and gap toothed too. It’s not so much the way Jackson looks even though he is beautiful with his dark hair, wide shoulders, and ready smile. It’s him, his soul, the way he cares about me and for me. It’s the way he says my name. The way he rubs my back when he hugs me and it’s the way he is always willing to stick up for me. Jackson is my knight in shining armor, even if he acts that way because I’m like a little sister that he needs to protect. It is still hard to believe that he’s here. It’s hard to believe how small the kitchen looks with him in it. His eyes flashed at me. “Thanks.” I sat down across from him and demolished his creation. Jackson is a better cook than I am. He bothers to put salt and pepper on the sandwich. I never do. I sip my glass of milk.

“Do you like it here?” He asks. His voice is even and careful, like he’s dealing with a timid animal.

“Yeah, so far, I guess. I’ve only been here for a minute.” I wipe my milk mustache with the back of my hand.

“It feels like a year.” A funny little smile tips the corner of his mouth up. He gathers the dishes and puts them in the sink. “Summer?” My eyes meet his. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were leaving? That you felt so strongly about things?” He crosses his arms across his chest leans his hip against the counter. His biceps have gotten larger. Jackson gets better looking every day. “It’s why you’ve been acting weird isn’t it because you knew for awhile, you planned this out.” I nodded.

“I knew you were promised to Autumn and my dad didn’t want me spending any more time with you so I had nothing to lose. It was too hard to say goodbye Jackson. If I told you, you would’ve tried to stop me from leaving.”

“Damn right. You should’ve stayed and …” My head was shaking. We both knew that you didn’t defy or question the old man. Dad would give me to a stranger and that would be the end of me.

“You see? I couldn’t. I couldn’t stay there any longer.” I was tired and getting whiney.

“She’s mated now so I don’t have to…” Jackson started.

“It doesn’t change my situation though.” I released a deep breath. I pushed my chair back and went to the bedroom. He followed me and stripped down to his boxer briefs. I sneaked a peek. Damn. Way better now than when we were twelve. I climbed in on my usual side and he sat on the other side to take his watch off. I closed my eyes. “Goodnight Jackson.”

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