Summer's Alpha(7)

By: K.S. Martin

“He’s like seven hours from here. I want to meet him and bring him in blind so if it doesn’t work out he has plausible deniability.” She nods.

“Who are you talking to Summer? Who are you mixed up with?”

“My boss. Meet me at the truck stop on route nine near Bartles, how long will it take you to gather your things?”

“Twenty minutes. I will see you in five hours give or take?”

“Leave your cell at home, he’ll track it if he gets wind of you leaving, and Jackson, make sure that he doesn’t.”

“You got it babe.” The call ended. Babe? Since when does Jackson Reynolds call me babe? Weird. I am nearly giddy. I can’t wait to see him. My chest feels lighter.

I’m in Shirley’s white sedan waiting for Jackson. She thought that it would be good for me to be in a car they didn’t know if they’d followed him. I’m avoiding interested stares from truck drivers walking around. Jackson pulled in and parked in a lot off to the side. The sign said long-term parking. The truckers must use it while they are out on the road. He walks inside the store for a few minutes and I see him give the clerk money. He has a cup of coffee with him and he comes out and stands on the curb. I don’t see any other passenger vehicles around that I haven’t already identified as people that I don’t know. I roll the windows down and I see his nose twitch. He’s gaze flashes amber when he finds me. He looks around and hurries to my car then climbs in. His arms are around me in an instant and he’s crushing me against him.

“Summer.” He growls into my ear. Oh God that voice. He nips my neck. “I missed you, so much.”

“I was gone a day. Chill out. Here put this on.” I hand him the sleeping mask that Shirley gave me.

“Seriously?” I nod and he smiles. The dimples at the corners of his mouth deepen and he pulls it over his eyes. “You aren’t going to take advantage of me are you? Please?” His smile broadens. I take his coffee from him and sip it. I’m already tired and I have to drive or give up my location. I see him stiffen but I start the car and pull out of the truck stop.

“I don’t want to be found Jackson. You know if he thinks that you know he will bully it out of you.”

“I know. I will do my best to protect you, I promise. You’re dad is ape shit though. If you do go back, you are going to be beaten. He is livid. He’s asked every pack member six times about your whereabouts. He is convinced that we are all in on it. Meanwhile, Autumn let Tim claim her.” Jackson laughs, the deep hearty sexy sound fills the car and I smile while my core clenches. This has to stop. He will scent my arousal and he doesn’t want me like that. I don’t want him to know how stupid I am for wanting him. “When she stomped up to him in the middle of the playground and pulled her shirt collar aside for him to see Tim’s mark, he slapped her so hard that I think her head spun around. When her ass hit the ground, she laughed, told him that she was moving out and that she wouldn’t be his pawn either. It looked bad. I mean I’m glad that she did it but she should’ve confronted him at home, not in front of everyone.” He was solemn now. “The pack is getting restless. Your dad can’t control his own daughters so how can he control a pack. The pack is getting restless and he’s getting more out of control. Your dad needs a woman.” I made a face that he couldn’t see. Eww. “Then when Autumn told him that it was your idea, the shit hit the fan. He tore the house apart. Freddy has been sleeping in the cave in the woods because he’s scared to death. If this works out, we should bring him too.”

“At least Dad hasn’t any plans to barter with Freddy’s future.” Jackson is reaching for the coffee and I hand it to him after I take another sip. I hear a growl rumble through his chest when he sips it and I wonder what it means. I’ve never heard that one before.

“How long do we have to go?” Jackson asks and I hear his cell phone chirp.

“Did you bring your phone Jackson?” I nearly wail. He digs it out of his pocket and I snatch it from him. There is a text message from his brother that dinner is ready. At least he didn’t tell anyone. I roll the window down then throw it out. “I told you to leave it at home.”

“Sorry, I forgot.” He reaches over and squeezes my arm. “I won’t tell you that it was expensive and I need it. I screwed up, sorry, it won’t happen again. How much longer?”

“An hour. We’ll sleep at my place tonight then you’ll meet Larry first thing tomorrow. If you’re staying fine, if not I will return you to the truck stop and what you do then is up to you.”

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