Summer's Alpha(6)

By: K.S. Martin

“Are you two…?” Shirley waggled her eyebrows.

“Best friends since I was two? Yes.” I smile gently. I know where she was going with that and as much as I’d like, no we two are not.

“Call him. They are desperate. It’s been a year since Mark passed. I will speak to Larry on your behalf and we will set up a meeting with your friend. What is his name? And how old is he?”

“His name is Jackson Reynolds and he was twenty-three last month.” I nibble my lip. I’ve been independent for one day and already I will have to call Jackson. I’m already looking forward to one of his bear hugs. I feel the deep hollow feeling in my chest again. It’s weird but every time that I think about Jackson I feel a deep loss, like I’m in mourning. Shirley was dialing her cell phone and I went back to shelving the books that I didn’t finish yesterday.

“Summer? Larry would like to set up a meeting with your Jackson. Can you get him here?” My brows furrow and I sigh. I can’t help it.

“Can I be straight with you?” I ask.

“I’d hoped you already were.” That sounded like a scolding.

“Oh, I have been but this could get me into trouble.” She pulled me to one of the couches and tugged me down beside her. “I am the alpha’s daughter. Jackson is supposed to mate my sister Autumn but they don’t like each other. I love him, like a friend.” I corrected when she grinned. “Anyway, I ran off. I didn’t have permission to leave. My father wants to sell me to the highest bidder in exchange for an alliance.” Shirley looked angry. “I don’t know who I want to mate but I don’t want to be used like that. I don’t want to mate someone that I don’t know or that I probably won’t like. My other sister Kelly was and her mate made her his punching bag. My sister is the sweetest thing to grace this planet so I know that her mate is just…evil. I don’t want that for myself. Even though I am not my sister, and as alpha as I can be, I cannot overpower a male. I’m just not strong enough. When he gave Kelly away, we all figured out that Jackson and I are both alphas. Point is that if my dad finds out where I am, he is going to drag me back. I don’t know if Jackson will be able to get away without my dad knowing. I’m scared. I don’t want to go back.”

“You have the right to change packs.” She says and I scoff.

“Yeah, tell my dad that. As far as he is concerned, he has paid my way for twenty some years and he owns me.” I sigh.

“I will and no he does not.” Her brows rocketed up her forehead. I shook my head quickly.

“I didn’t mean…” Shirley laughed and squeezed my thigh.

“Call Jackson, you can use my phone.” Shirley went to the back of the store to the small kitchenette to make herself a cup of tea. I swear she drinks the stuff by the gallon.

“Hi Jackson.” I’d pushed star six seven to block the number. If this doesn’t go well, I don’t want Dad to find me.

“Where the hell are you Summer?” His voice roared at me. Uh-oh, alpha and pissed, that is a bad combo. There is a long pause and then he sighed. “Summer, don’t hang up, please tell me where you are.” His voice is softer now and he sounds different than he did at first, nicer. My guard went up.

“I’m safe. I have a job and a place to live. The place where I am needs an alpha.” I say, carefully choosing my words. I mentioned that you were available and they want to meet you. Their alpha died and they need one. Would you be interested in the job or would you rather wait around for my dad to cave and hand it over?” There now, he has an option and if he says no, I will hang up. He never needs to know where I am.

“Summer.” He takes a deep breath and I know that his eyes are closed. He is leaning against a tree because I can hear the birds and his body scratching the bark. “Where are you?”

“Yes or no Jackson?” I will not give up my new independence.

“Yes, of course yes. I miss you. Where?” He sounds so lost and my heart clenches.

“No.” I have one of those flashes of brilliance. “I will meet you and bring you here. I don’t want you to know where I am, if you don’t know, you can’t tell. I do not want to come home. I do not want him to sell me like a cow Jackson. If you can’t agree to my terms, I will tell them that you weren’t interested.”

“I won’t tell on you Summer. Jesus, I’m smarter than that, don’t you trust me? I don’t want him to do that to you either. We’ve been best friends too long for that shit. Besides, since you ran off your dad is on a rampage. It’s probably better if I don’t know. I have to get out of here before he grabs my dick and sticks it in your sister.” I gasp then giggle. “Where and when?” Shirley is lurking nearby and pointing at her watch mouthing ‘now.’

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