Summer's Alpha(5)

By: K.S. Martin

“I think it’s perfect, when can I start?” Her chocolate eyes dance.

“You’ve been on the clock for twenty minutes.” She winked. “You can move your car to the lot behind the store. Your meter is running out by now.” I hurried outside and she was right, one minute left. I pulled my little red compact around the back of the store and locked it. I went inside through the back door and wove my way through the kitchenette and tall shelves from the back to the front to find Shirley. She spent the rest of the day training me on how to shelve, price the books, and work the cash register. I am already familiar with most of it since I worked in the town library in high school before going to the auto parts store for more money. I can’t help but smile every chance that I get. I’m free. I can do for myself, be myself, and take care of myself. I don’t need my father to dictate my life. This is America and I am supposed to have the right to pursue happiness. Nowhere does it say that my father has the right to use me as bait. Take that Daddy.

Chapter 3

The store closes at seven and Shirley locks the door on her way out. I am to use the back outside entrance when the store is closed. I lock my door and skip down the steps to the car. I plan to get gas while I am out, some groceries and find a thrift store in case I need anything. After filling the car, I drive to the grocery store a block over. I can walk here if I want to. It isn’t far. There is a huge thrift store next to the grocery store but it’s already closed. It is open from nine to five and I work from eleven to seven because Shirley plays bingo. Not a problem, I love to sleep in. I will come back here in the morning though before work though and look around. Taking a cart, I travel up and down the aisles with a secret smile on my face. I am really doing this. I can grocery shop for me, buy what I want and eat what I want. I pick up some turkey breast. It will make a nice meal now, and make sandwiches later. The best part of it is that Dad hates turkey but he isn’t here to dictate what I buy. Ha! Once I’ve paid for my groceries I head home. Wow. Home. My home. It is my home without anyone telling me what to do!

With the groceries put away, I eat a bowl of cereal for dinner. Dad would never allow me to do that at home. A wolf needs meat. My father’s voice echoes through my brain. A wolf needs cereal loaded with sugar once in awhile too! I can’t wait to sit in that window and read in the sunshine. I study it thinking about the most comfortable position to sit and read. I clean my dishes and head for the shower.

At nine the next morning when the elderly woman opens the front doors of the thrift shop, I am there waiting. I smile and hear her growl. Shit, wolf! I didn’t scent her and that could be dangerous but not nearly as dangerous as the perfume that she is wearing. Wow.

“You don’t belong here girl.” She hisses.

“I’m new in town. I just got in yesterday. I didn’t know there was a pack in town. If you can give me your alpha’s address, I will check in with him.” She nodded.

“You go do your shopping and I will write it down dear.” That was easy enough. Now how do I convince the alpha that I come from nowhere and that nobody is looking for me? If he calls my dad and checks in, I am going to be in huge trouble. I don’t feel like shopping any more but I find a few pairs of pants and some shirts that will fit me and are in decent shape. I bring them to the counter and give her money. She gives me a card. It says Larry Miller – East View Pack and there’s a phone number. I stick it in my pocket and thank her then take the bag of clothes. I walk back to the bookstore. When am I supposed to call this alpha wolf? Perhaps I should just show up at his door. No, that’s rude. Crap. I want to be free at least for a while.

“Is something wrong Summer? You seem distracted.” Shirley was sipping some fruity smelling tea.

“I went to the thrift store this morning and the woman was kind of mean to me. I’ll get over it, I promise.” I try for an encouraging smile.

“Evelyn?” I shrug. I didn’t ask the old bitch for her name, I should have. Then I would have something to call the woman that ruined my life. “Was she as old as dirt, have blue hair, stink to high heaven, and was she as wrinkly as a paper sack?” I laugh, loudly then cover my mouth and nod. “And I suppose she growled at you?” I nod again. Where is Shirley going with this, she isn’t wolf, I would scent her. “I was married to the alpha dear. He passed nearly a year ago in a violent car crash. I know what you are so, you don’t need to hide from me.” My mouth was hanging open. “Larry Miller is in charge right now but he’s only a beta. They are looking for an alpha, you don’t know of one that is available do you? I think you may be one but a female won’t do, they’ll want a male or at least a pair.” My eyes blink hard and I can’t believe my ears. “I, um, yeah, I kind of do. He’s young, he’s never led a pack before but he’s smart and I think he could handle it with some time and patience.”

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