Summer's Alpha(4)

By: K.S. Martin

“Hey Sissy! Where did you end up?”

“Not sure yet, I just wanted to let you know that I’m okay. I don’t know if I’ll settle here but I was tired so I stopped. Have I been missed?”

“Not yet. You should keep driving. He talked to Jackson this morning and they nearly came to blows. Jackson told him that he would not mate me. Thank God because eww.” I laughed at that. Jackson is far from eww. “I know you think that he’s hot and I guess he is good looking but Tim is ….” She took a deep breath and sighed.

“I know. You should mate him. Let him claim you. Just turn your tail up and let him take you Autumn. Then Dad won’t have a choice.”

“Really? He won’t?” My sister’s a submissive wolf and is certainly not strategically inclined.

“No.” I really hope that she does not mate with Jackson. I couldn’t bear it.

“Then why didn’t you do that with Jackson?” It’s not as if I haven’t wanted to forever.

“We aren’t like that. He doesn’t like me that way. We’re friends and that’s all. If he’d ever shown an interest, I would have. I hate the idea of Dad destroying yours and Jackson’s lives the way he did Kelly’s. Be happy Autumn, have Tim, make him yours. It may cost him pack position but you’ll both be happier for it.”

“Thanks Summer, I’ll talk to Tim tomorrow. For the record, you’re wrong about Jackson. I don’t know exactly what he said but he was putting up a good fight for you. Hey got to go, he’s coming.” She clicks the phone off. Neither of us wants Dad to know that I’ve left yet or that she knows all about it. What did that mean? He put up a good fight for me. Yeah right.

I crawl under the quilt in my hotel room after a shower and food from the restaurant next door. I have a chair wedged under the doorknob just in case and fall asleep a lot faster than expected.

I have a dream about Jackson. He’s in the woods howling as if he’s mourning someone. I wonder who he’s lost. I can feel how empty he feels, how hollow his chest is and I wake up crying. I miss him, not in the sense that I haven’t seen him in a long time but in the sense that I know that I won’t see him again. It’s weird but it seems like the feelings are real not just a dream. I should’ve told him but knowing Jackson, he would’ve confronted my dad and told him that I would leave. After that, I would spend my days chained up in the basement until my dad and his council decided what to do with me. No thanks. Jackson may be an alpha but it’s recent. My dad has been an alpha for forty years and he is so much better at it than Jackson is. I shower and brush my teeth. Time for breakfast, I eat more fast food which is getting old. I drive around town and check it out. I see a few help wanted signs and an apartment building that rents month to month. I go into the places with the signs and the woman at the bookstore hired me on the spot. It was the third place that I applied and I’m thinking that this is fate. I explained that I was new in town and just striking out on my own. She said that I could rent the apartment over the bookstore if I was interested.

“It’s small but it’s clean and furnished. All that I ask is that you keep an eye on the place. I can’t afford an alarm company and if there is someone here, it will deter a break in. The place next door got robbed a few weeks ago and I am a little frightened.” Her deep brown eyes twinkled with mischief and I liked her immediately. Her name is Shirley, she’s in her fifties I would guess, and she seems genuine. She’s wearing a wedding ring but I don’t scent a male. Huh. Maybe divorced and can’t let go? Maybe she is a widow but it’s been awhile because she doesn’t seem sad. Time will tell. “What do you think?”

“How much is the rent?” I ask trying to do the math in my head that will tell me if I get to eat.

“I will tell you what, I will give you the first six months for free, but if you don’t work out in the store, you will have to go. After the first six months, we will do an evaluation and you will be up for a raise, then the rent will be two fifty a month. A girl has to eat, right?” I smile and stick my hand out. She shakes it. “No pets, except a fish if you want.” I nod. Not a problem, I don’t need another mouth to feed. “Okay then, let’s go up, and take a look. There is a stairwell here and one around the back from the outside. The same key opens both doors.” I look around the bookstore. It’s large to be an independent store. I can’t wait to dig into the shelves. I love to read. Shirley turns the closed sign around and clicks the lock then leads me up the narrow staircase. She unlocks the door at the top of the stairs then hands the key to me. After turning on the lights, she steps out of the way for me to go inside. It is small but it is so cute that I smile. The kitchen is definitely a one-butt kitchen but it has all of the essentials and a small table with two chairs. There is a red checked tablecloth covering it with a salt and peppershaker against the wall. “There are dishes, they’re mismatched, but they work.” Shirley grinned and went through to the living room. “There is one TV with basic cable.” There is a couch against the far wall covered with a quilt. A window seat overlooks the back of the building and I plan to spend some time with a book there. A recliner sits in the corner next to a bookshelf full of books. It’s quaint. Shirley is going to the bedroom. A full sized bed covered with another quilt fills most of the room but there is a dresser and a tiny closet. I don’t have many clothes with me, just what would fit in the duffle. I will find a thrift store and supplement my wardrobe. She flips a switch and I am looking into a tiny bathroom. It has a sink, toilet and shower stall, perfect. “What do you think Summer?”

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