Summer's Alpha(3)

By: K.S. Martin

“Where have you been?” My father booms from the end of the kitchen table when I come in the patio door startling me. “I told you to stop seeing that boy.” The overhead lamp was reflecting on his baldhead. He was on the internet on his tablet again. Ever since he bought that thing, he hasn’t put it down. He doesn’t even look up when he’s talking to us anymore either. All you ever see is the top of his baldhead because he’s always lost in the tablet.

“I told him that he’s mating Autumn and that we can’t see each other again Dad. We’ve been best friends for eighteen years. I thought that I at least owed him an explanation. It was the honorable thing to do.” He would understand honor, I hoped. He did. He nodded.

“Get dinner started.” I nod and set about preparing the meal. My mother died giving birth to Freddy so we all do her chores. When Kelly left, meals became my chore. When I bolt, all of my chores will fall on Freddy and Autumn. I should take them with me and let him fix his own damn dinner. I don’t remember my mother that well but I remember that Dad changed when she left. It was he buried his heart with her and she left us with a hollow, empty, nasty shell.

My duffle is packed and at the foot of my bed waiting. I’m staring at the ceiling right now but first thing in the morning when I am supposed to be going to work, I will be hitting the highway in search of a new life. I would like to leave now but there is no way I will make it to the car with a house full of werewolves listening. I hope that I don’t have that dream again, okay maybe I do.

Chapter 2

“Get up.” Autumn shoves at my shoulder. “Summer, get up. You have to fix breakfast.” I stretch and look up into her almond shaped blue eyes. Her white blonde hair is up in a high ponytail. “Are you awake?” I nod. “Are you …?” She pointed at the duffle. I nod again. “Okay. I don’t blame you. This whole thing sucks. Daddy is being an ass.” I smirk. I refuse to talk with him in the house. He can hear everything we say. His ears are unbelievable. “He’s in the shower, your secret is safe.” She hugs me when I stand. “Where?” I shrug. “Okay. Keep in touch.” Autumn and I have discussed this whole mating with Jackson thing at length. She hates the idea because she is in love with Tim. I hate the idea because I know that they will both be miserable but mostly because with every fiber of my being I believe that he belongs to me. He is mine, even if he doesn’t feel the same. He can never belong to Autumn because I would rather die than know they are together. Daddy sucks.

“I will.” She turns and leaves.

Breakfast is uneventful. We aren’t big talkers in the morning. Autumn is busy with her cell texting someone. Freddy is eating his eggs with his eyes closed and Dad is surfing the internet on his tablet. I look around at them, my family. I miss Kelly. Her eggs were better than mine are. Jackson is at the patio door. I motion for him to come in. “Breakfast if you haven’t eaten.” I point at the stove. He shakes his head.

“Sir? May I have a word when you’ve finished eating?” Dad closes the cover on the tablet and carries his plate to the sink. Dad thinks Jackson wants to talk about him mating Autumn. He probably thinks Jackson is ready to get started. Boy is he ever in for a surprise.

“My office.” He gestures at Jackson.

“I’ll clean up.” Autumn offers giving me a look, and I hurry to my bedroom. Normally I would listen to their conversation through the wall but not today. I know my dad. Jackson is about to suffer the wrath of my father, you don’t question a decision that he’s made and come away unscathed. I haul my duffle onto my shoulder and leave a note and my cell phone on my pillow. Nobody will find them until tonight when I don’t come home but I need the ten hours or so to escape. I’d like to kiss Jackson goodbye but he belongs to Autumn now. I can’t stay here and watch him with my sister. It will rip my heart out.

Out on the highway, I watch the signs go by. I’ve been on the road seven hours now. I only stopped for gas and to pee. I’m getting hungry and the sun is starting to dip lower in the sky. There is a town in ten miles and I wonder if there is a pack close by. I’ve never known anyone that switched packs but I know it must happen. I think it’s best to lay low for a while until I decide if I want to stay and so my dad doesn’t come after his bargaining chip. I’m further from Kelly since I went the other direction, Dad won’t expect that. I left my cell phone in my room because he can track it. It’s too hard to hide from GPS. I will need a new one if I want to get a job though. My boss knew two weeks ago that I was leaving the parts store, I gave my notice, and he paid me in cash to help me out. He isn’t pack but I can trust him. He said he would play dumb if my dad came around and he would give me a great reference if anyone called. He’s a nice human. My dad hates humans since a human killed his father. What did he expect to happen though while he was running around all wolfed out near the farmer’s sheep? Duh! Wolf or not, you have to be smart. Stay away from sheep and the business end of a rifle. Farmers are touchy about their livestock. I’ve stopped at a hotel that looks run down and cheap but I want to be easy with my cash. I have plenty on me but I don’t want to waste any of it, I still have to find a place to live. It seems like a nice town so far. It’s clean and I don’t see any of the crack heads or winos’ hanging around that Dad always harps on when he talks about the city. I get my key and go to my room. There is a payphone outside of my room so I call Autumn. I push the star and six seven so the number won’t show up on her phone. Dad is smart so, he’ll look for that and drag my ass home. “Autumn?”

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