Summer's Alpha(2)

By: K.S. Martin

“Are you coming or not?” I look up into the honey amber eyes for probably the last time and I smile sweetly. “You haven’t been listening at all have you?” He rolls his eyes heavenward and I laugh. He’s getting so big lately. His shoulders are broad and he has this great chest, it’s smooth and nice. Wolves don’t stop developing their muscles until they are in their mid twenties then they will look the same until they are much older. Jackson is not finished growing but the most attractive thing about him though is the way he moves. He has that stalk like a predator thing down pat. He’s wet from splashing in the creek. I didn’t go in since I’d rather sun myself from my seat on the log beside the deep spot. Jackson tugs at my hand and pulls me up from my seat. “I said Mom is grilling burgers, are you in?” I shake my head. I can’t bear to act as if everything is fine and then leave them all. “Why not?” He needs a haircut but his dark hair this long is still sexy.

“Don’t feel like it. I want to lie down.” I put my hand over my stomach but he’s dense sometimes and asks the inevitable follow up.

“Why?” He looks me over and his nose twitches.

“I have cramps.” I know that this will deter him from further questions. He makes a face and starts to walk. Thank you God, I have shut down the Jackson inquisition for the moment. Even he can’t smell what hasn’t started yet. Nobody’s nose is that good. He’s stalking away from me.

“You’re lying Summer.” He says over his shoulder. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to but don’t lie.” I don’t answer him but I follow. “I don’t know what’s up with you lately but I wish you would get over it. It’s getting boring.” I sigh knowing he’s right. I’ve had an attitude since Dad said that Autumn would mate Jackson. I don’t know if Jackson knows and I want to know if he does so I take the plunge.

“Has anyone told you that you are to mate Autumn?” He whirls around to face me and I can see that he didn’t know. Jackson has gone all alpha and he is pissed. His eyes are pulsing amber with anger.

“Autumn?! Hell no. I’m not mating Autumn. Shit, she’ll probably break in half the first time I fuck her.” The smile on his face was empty and did not reach his eyes. My sister Autumn is a lot like Kelly. They are both petite, willowy and resemble my mother. They are both wafer thin, blonde, and fragile. My brother Freddy and I are more like Dad. We are tall, strong, and darker with hazel eyes. Freddy’s hair is blue black, mine is dark brown. Freddy is already six and a half feet tall while I stand proud at five feet ten. I tower over my sisters.

“That’s what Dad has decided.” I start walking again.

“Oh yeah? Who has he decided that you’re mating Summer?” I love it when he says my name. I get tingles in all the good places.

“He’s going to use me as a bargaining chip to draw an alliance from another pack. We can expand our hunting area and get help if and when we need it.” I made quotes in the air with my fingers. Jackson was horrified.

“Like what he did to Kelly? Doesn’t he see how well that worked out? He’s crazy. I’ll talk to him, you are not for sale, and I am not mating Autumn. Tim wants Autumn and she wants him, why not let them be happy? They’re good together.”

“He’s a beta, you’re an alpha, and that makes you a better choice for her. I am worth more to the good of the pack. He won’t change his mind Jackson and there is no use in trying.” I start jogging to my house that is in sight now. I don’t want him to see the tears that are starting to pool in my eyes. I won’t let him see weakness the last time he sees me. Dad wants me to stop hanging out with Jackson. He wants Autumn to spend time with him and it doesn’t matter that neither of them in interested in the other. Autumn thinks that Jackson is a jackass and instead of calling him by his name, she’d rather use the description. She doesn’t do it to his face and she knows that she can’t use it in front of me very often. Nevertheless, Autumn does not like Jackass but that’s okay because he can’t stand her either. He says she is too high maintenance for him and he calls her plastic girl. I have to agree most of the time. Autumn is shallow. She is interested in her hair, her makeup, and her cell phone. I love my sister but we don’t have much in common, not really. We don’t look alike, think alike, or care about the same things. Autumn is younger too but we get along and we talk sometimes, she is my sister. The only thing that we really share in common is our dislike for our father. Don’t get me wrong, he’s my dad and I love him, but neither of us really like him.

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