Summer's Alpha

By: K.S. Martin

Chapter 1

East Tennessee Hills 2013

I have no idea what he is up to now, but I watch him splashing around in the water anyway. He’s fun to watch and I’ve been doing it since I was maybe as young as two years old. He lives a few houses away and he thinks that he is something special.

I never let him know that I think so too. We’ve been best friends since about the same time that I started watching him.

He’s accused me of wanting him but I always make sure that I tell him it is a stupid thing to think. He always laughs and says ‘yeah right.’ I can’t admit it because he never has. “Yeah right doesn’t mean ‘it’s okay because I want you too’.

It means you’re lying.’ Of all the times that he’s accused me of wanting him, he’s never once said I want you Summer or I love you Summer. He just likes to tease me and that’s okay.

I get it that we are friends and that’s all. He doesn’t need to know about the dreams I started having a year ago either, they are none of his damn business even if he is the center of them. In one of them, he pushes me against a wall. I’m facing the wall and he’s pressed against my back, we are both naked and panting like we’ve just finished a run. His teeth graze my shoulder and I nearly orgasm in the dream, sometimes I really do in my sleep.

Anyway, his voice has been getting deeper and deeper lately but in the dream, it is almost gravelly. It’s so sexy and just thinking about it now makes me shiver.

I can feel his skin against mine and I can’t seem to catch my breath. My stomach is full of butterflies and my heart pounds.

His hips are against my rear end and I can feel his erection against my lower back, it’s hot, hard, and throbbing. The deep gravelly voice comes out of warm sculptured lips against my ear. I’m shaking all over, all the muscles below my waist are clenching, and he says, “I’m going to bury myself so deep inside of you Summer that you won’t know where I end and you begin.”

I always wake up then, sometimes I’ve climaxed, sometimes not but my heart is always pounding, I’m always sweaty and shaking with what I’ve realized lately is anticipation. I want him. I can’t have him but I want him. He’s supposed to mate my sister Autumn according to my father the alpha. Since I am an alpha, my dad thinks that I would be better to lure in an alliance with another pack. A pack looking to breed their alpha with another, so he will sell me like cattle. That’s not happening. I’m getting out of here. He won’t give to some jerk that I don’t even know.

He used my sister Kelly the same way. She’s with an alpha more than fifty miles away and she is extremely unhappy. Every time I call her, she is crying. I tell her that I will come after her but every time that I say it, she says no. I think that Kelly will end up killing herself but my dad won’t listen. I worry about my sister. Her mate, Frank is older and from a pack set in the old ways.

Backward ways that allow beating and women are property. If it were me that Daddy had given him, I would’ve killed him already. However, we have the alliance that Dad wanted.

She has no say about anything, no rights, and he treats her terribly. Kelly has had more than one black eye, which I sincerely doubt she provoked. Kelly doesn’t argue, she isn’t sarcastic, and she is a real people pleaser. I know he hits her either because he’s mad about something else or because he’s just evil.

Either way, one day, I may just rip his throat out no matter what Kelly says. He came sniffing around here wanting a submissive she wolf, and there is none more submissive than my big sis is. She didn’t even bat an eye when Dad told her that she was going to mate Frank. She simply went and packed her things.

Ten minutes later, she was ready with her duffle in her hand and her head bowed. It was pathetic and it was the moment that my dad and I both realized that I am alpha. I did not take it lying down. My dad could not subdue me that day. Jackson finally got me under control then dragged me into the woods to calm down. It was the first time he used his alpha tendencies on me and my wolf responded with these urges.

I’ve always liked Jackson as a person but the day that I submitted to him my wolf decided that he was for us. He’d never acted alpha before that day, but he got me to show him my throat. The urges have been difficult to stifle since that day and it’s especially bad when I’m asleep.

My wolf wants him very much. I do too but he’s Autumn’s mate, and it doesn’t matter that she is in love with the resident beta Tim. My dad won’t hear of it. Dad is a real stickler for pack hierarchy and since Tim is only a beta, he isn’t good enough for the alpha’s daughter. Jackson is an alpha and will lead this pack or will lead his own one day. My decision is easy, if I can’t have him, I’ll go. I won’t be a bargaining tool for the good of the pack. I’m sneaking out first thing tomorrow and I’m going to find my own life in the city. I’ve never been without a pack but I think that I can do it. I’m no push over. I will survive.