Strength of an Assassin(6)

By: Stormy Glenn

I would never kill my mate.

Chapter Three


My senses went haywire. The adrenaline running rampant through my body urged me to kill the man in my arms. The heady scent wrapping around me urged me to claim him. My body hardened, arousal sweeping through me from the man’s scent and the fact that I had been victorious in battle.

I wanted my reward.

I started to pull at the man’s clothes, but a small whimper froze me in place. I carefully extracted my teeth and then yanked on the hair in my hand until those soulful brown eyes stared up at me again.

When they darted toward the stadium seats and the roaring crowd, I growled, my protective instincts flaring.


I lifted the man into my arms. I snarled up at the people watching us in sick anticipation and then carried my prize back into the cavern that led to my cell. I heard the gate go down behind me, but ignored it.

I stopped before I reached my cell, keeping us in the darkness of the tunnel. I sniffed the air again. When that wasn’t enough, I pressed my nose into the soft skin of the man’s throat. The coppery scent of blood was strong. The scent of my mate was stronger.

I thought I was going to go up in flames as I devoured my mate, moving from his neck, to his chin, to the tender skin of his throat, time and again, teasing him with my kisses. My hands swept over his chest, his sides, and down to his hips.

I wanted him senseless with passion.

What little rags were worn as clothing, I tore quickly from our bodies, leaving us with nothing but glorious naked skin.

I leaned down and wrapped my lips around the flared head of the hard cock bouncing in front of me. The taste of pre-cum exploded across my tongue and I knew I wanted more. I slowly pushed the cock to the back of my throat, then further still, letting my throat muscles relax until pubic hairs tickled my face.

I heard a swift intake of air, and then my mate shuddered against me.

Encouraged by his response, I began to move. My cheeks hollowed as I bobbed my head. I ran my tongue over the slit at the top of my mate’s cock and then under the edge of the crown.

I could feel his thighs tighten under my hands and knew it wouldn’t take long for the man to come. I closed my lips completely around his cock and sucked him all the way down my throat. I flattened my tongue as I swallowed the heated flesh.

When the man’s balls started to pull up tight to his body, I increased the speed of my movements, sucking each inch down my throat faster and faster. When his cock began to swell, I lifted my mouth.

My mate’s cry of protest mingled with the sweet sounds of his release. He came hard, his hot seed splattering all over my hand. I quickly scooped it up and slid it down to his tight little hole.

His high-pitched grunt filled my ears even as my fingers filled his tight little ass. His body stiffened for a moment and then rippled. I could feel his heart thundering against my chest.

And then he slowly leaned back. He licked his lips as his gaze fell to my mouth. I knew what he wanted. And I knew his need scared him.

I also knew his natural instincts would take over once he forgot about his fear. With that in mind, I started thrusting my fingers into his ass over and over again, until I felt the little ring of muscles stretch and pulse against my fingers.

I pulled my fingers free and lifted my mate in my arms. I lowered him slowly onto my cock. Inch by inch, my cock pushed up into him until he was fully seated on my lap his ass. I hooked my arm under his leg and started moving, thrusting deeply into his tight flesh and then pulling out until just the tip of my cock remained inside.

I watched my mate’s eyes as I fucked him, waiting for the moment when he abandoned his fear in pursuit of pleasure. It came slowly, but bit by bit the apprehension bled out, and they started to turn darker and darker until they were a beautiful dark-chocolate brown.

The sight of my mate’s arousal thrilled me. I could only pull his face to my neck as I prayed he would give in to his instincts. At the first hesitant scrape of teeth against my throat, my entire body shuddered.

My mate struck quick and fast, almost as if he couldn’t help himself. White-hot pain swept through my body for a split second, and then it was replaced by a pleasure so intense that stars exploded inside my head.

My thrusts became faster, more erratic and wild. I was in pure ecstasy. When he clenched his inner muscles around my cock, I groaned from the sensations. Pleasure swamped me in huge waves, seeping deep into my skin and setting me on fire from the inside out.

I spanned my hands over his hips, stroking them over the beautiful rounded curve to his ass. His skin was flushed, glistening with perspiration. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The noises he made inflamed me. They were soft and mewling sounds, growing louder each time I thrust my cock into his tight little hole.