Strength of an Assassin(10)

By: Stormy Glenn

Samson growled. “Why?”

“Instead of taking me to a bar for a few drinks, he drove me to a warehouse where the guards were waiting for me. I don’t know if he sold me or just gave me to them, but he was smiling as they took me away.”

“I’ll kill him for you, Henry.”

My eyes widened as I tilted my head back to stare up at Samson. “You’re kind of bloodthirsty, aren’t you?”

The man just chuckled at me. I was glad Samson didn’t take offense to what I said.

“I’m a shifter, Henry. We tend to be rather violent in nature. I’m also a panther. That means I have an extra dose of aggression in me. And if that isn’t enough, this man caused harm to come to my mate. Three out of three, mate. He dies.”

After hearing what Samson said, I knew the guy was fucked.

“We have to get out of here before you can do anything.”

“We will,” Samson assured me.

Except, I wasn’t assured.

“How?” I asked. “I’ve been here for weeks. I’d have escaped by now if I could figure out how to do it.”

I thought that was pretty obvious.

“I don’t know yet. I haven’t been here as long as you, and I also haven’t been allowed out of my cell, so I don’t even know the layout of the place.”

I sat up. “I have.”

Samson’s eyebrows lifted. “You have what?”

“Been allowed out of my cell. I’m let out every two days. I clean the cells.”

Samson stiffened. “They make you go into the cells with the other fighters?”

“No, no. I clean the cells when everyone is fighting.”

Just as fast as his eyebrows had lifted, they snapped together as he frowned. “Then how did you end up in the pit?”

“I told you. They ran out of fighters.” I shrugged. “I guess they had some VIPs here tonight, and the boss man wanted to put on a good show for them. He told the guards that either they came up with three fighters or they were going into the pit with you.”

The slow, wicked smile that slid across Samson’s face told me how much he would have enjoyed that. I wondered if he realized he still had a chance. It wasn’t as if the gates were going to magically open for us.


The gate at the end of the corridor made a grating noise as it lifted.

Not good.

“They’re coming for us, Henry. They’re going to take us,” Samson said as he slowly stood, then set me onto my feet. “Don’t fight them. I don’t want you hurt.”


How could I not fight? They were going to separate us for sure. While I still wasn’t sure I believed omegas had mates, I didn’t want to be separated from Samson. He was the first good thing I had seen in pretty much forever.

I shivered when Samson started to growl. It wasn’t one of those good, happy growls. This one meant someone was going to die.

I hoped it wasn’t me.

When a shadow filled the low light shining down the corridor from the pit, Samson stepped in front of me. I grabbed onto the man and leaned my head forward to rest between Samson’s shoulder blades.

“Please be careful.” If what Samson said was true, he belonged to me. I didn’t want to lose him now.

“When the fighting starts, stay back.”

“Samson,” I whispered as my stomach started to knot.

“I’ll be okay, Henry.”

He said it as though he meant it, but I had my doubts. The guards had guns. They might not shoot real bullets, but those stupid darts still hurt, and they were full of drugs. The guards also weren’t stupid enough to come without backup. I could see three shadows at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t know if there were more than that, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

These guys were mean, sadistic, and brutal.

I had firsthand knowledge of that fact.

One of the guards stepped forward and shot Samson in the chest with a dart. I felt him jerk as he grunted. When the muscles on his back bunched, I knew the drugs were shooting through his system and he was desperately trying to remain in control.

I prayed he wouldn’t kill me when he lost it.

Samson’s vivid blue eyes were as cold as ice when he turned to look at me. “Run.”

I didn’t question the command. I just ran toward the other end of the tunnel. I was a little surprised to find the gate to the cell up. It should have been closed. I hurried inside the small enclosure and looked around for a place to hide.

There really wasn’t one.

But there was a metal bucket in the corner. It was about half-full of water. I didn’t know whether Samson was supposed to drink it or bathe with it. Both ideas made me shudder.