Stepbrother's Gift

By: Krista Lakes

Chapter One

I'm in bed with Danny, I thought to myself.

Logically, I knew that it was Danny, my boyfriend. And as I looked at the sweaty body thrusting above me, it was clearly Danny.

I wanted it to be Danny.

However, as the desire increased, I could feel him getting closer to orgasm. I closed my eyes, allowing the pleasure to wash over me. Danny's cock was big, and it filled me nicely. So big, that...

Suddenly, my thoughts turned elsewhere. There was someone else fucking me now. Someone I had always dreamed of, but could never be with.


My eyes shot open. No, I thought. I wanted to stay here, with Danny.

Danny grinned as we locked eyes, and I did my best to smile back at him. He picked up his pace, plowing into me, spreading me open. I began to moan, just as I heard girls moan through that thin wall I had shared with him...

I could feel Danny swell even bigger and tense up, his jaw opening in a wordless cry. His “O” face looked funny, but I knew it was sincere, and it turned me on that I was able to do that to him. He pounded deeper and deeper, until he froze. His hips spasmed twice and that was the end of our lovemaking.

As soon as he was done, he pulled out of my body. He ripped the condom off quickly, tying it in a knot and throwing it toward the trash can, but not making it in. I knew that he wouldn't even try to pick it up later. That would be something nice, and he never did anything nice.

The condom was by his insistence, of course. He knew I wasn't on the pill and refused to do any kind of withdrawal method with me. I was actually kind of glad. Danny was alright, but he was hardly father material. Still, I thought, as I looked down at my tummy, I would love to see it filled with a baby someday. Maybe someday soon. Maybe even with Danny, if he would grow up a little bit.

Danny laid his head on the pillow next to me. “That felt good.”

I smiled. I knew it felt good for him, but of course I hadn't come yet. He never finished me off, so I knew I'd have to break out my vibrator later. Again, I'd have to fend off thoughts of him.

“I'm glad. It felt good for me, too,” I lied. It was important to his ego for me to say that.

He grunted with pleasure, then immediately got up. He started to pull his pants on with no underwear. “So, I'll see you tomorrow, then?”

I paused. “Of course I'll see you tomorrow. You promised you'd drive me home, remember?”

He stopped. “Oh, right. Look, I won't be able to take you home. I have a lot of things to catch up on.”

I couldn't believe this. “Things” was probably just playing video games or jerking off to Internet pornography. “What? But I have to get home for Christmas!”

He shrugged his shoulders and didn't say another word. He just kept putting his clothes on.

I stood up “Hey, I'm talking to you, asshole,” I said, my breasts jiggling all over the place.

“I don't know what to tell you, but I can't take you,” he said, refusing to look me in the eye.

“You promised! How am I supposed to get home?”

“That's your problem,” he said. He put on his shoes and walked toward the door.

“Stop!” I cried. He kept going. “If you don't drive me home tomorrow, we are done.”

“Then I guess we're done,” he said, opening the door and slamming it behind him.

I stood there, naked in my dorm room, my mouth hanging open. That asshole was supposed to be my ride home. It was supposed to be a nice, four-hour drive, and I probably would have given him head or something to make up for it.

He wouldn't have left me high-and-dry like this, I thought. I shook my head. Stop thinking about him, you idiot. You'll never be with him.

I just needed to find a way home now. With a sigh, I flopped back into the bed and stared up at the ceiling, searching for a plan. Still, I was excited for this coming Christmas. Not only because I'd see my parents. Not just because I'd get to see my best friend from high school, Tessa. But because I'd get to see him.

My billionaire stepbrother.

Chapter Two

My evening was spent frantically looking for a ride home from several of my friends. Springfield was fairly close to the campus, but still over a four-hour drive. I tried several ex-boyfriends, promising them the world if they'd be my hero. None of them were willing to help out. With every rejection, I sighed a little louder. That was the problem with dating nothing but assholes.

My roommate, Nicole, kept looking over at me and glaring. I knew that she thought that sleep was the key to her beauty, and since she spent every weekend staying out all night partying, she had to get her beauty sleep every chance she could get. Considering how beautiful she was, and considering how many guys she brought home, I wasn't all that sympathetic.