Shadow:Satan's Fury: Memphis Chapter(9)

By: L. Wilder

No one.

“Any idea where I can find him?”

“Jasper?” he asked with an overzealous shrug. “He’s got his regular hangouts. That’s where I always found him.”

“And if he’s not there?”

“Fuck, man. I got no idea.”

“I need to know someone who would.”

He thought for a moment, then said, “If Jasper was hiding out, there’s only two people who’d know where he was. His right-hand man, Hoss, or Milton.”

I’d known Hoss long before he started working with Jasper. We’d crossed paths a time or two in the military, and he was quite the character. There wasn’t anything the guy couldn’t do, but he was mostly known for his storytelling. With his thick country accent and charismatic smile, he never had a problem drawing the attention of a crowd. He tried to make everyone think he was just a good old country boy, but I didn’t buy it. The man was a trained killer, someone who was determined to get what he wanted, so I wasn’t exactly surprised when I discovered he was working for Jasper. Milton, on the other hand, was a name I hadn’t heard before. “Milton?”

“Yeah, that’s his cousin … At least that’s who he tells everyone he is. From what I’ve seen and heard they’re pretty fucking close … like too close for comfort kind of fucking close.”

I didn’t need him to spell it out for me. “I got it. Any idea where I can find this Milton fella?”

“No idea, but I bet Hoss could tell ya. I’m sure he’s been by his place with Jasper.”

Boon had been helpful after all. I would take that into consideration when it was time to end him. Figuring I could do us both a favor, I walked over and grabbed the water hose, its drain was centered in the middle of the room. Runt had it installed to help with clean up, and over the last few weeks, I’d found it very useful. I flipped it on and pointed it in Boon’s direction, attempting to wash his stench away. Once I was done, I released the chain that secured him to the floor and moved it over to the lock on the concrete wall, giving him a small amount of mobility. “I’ll see what I can do about getting you some water and something to eat.”

Trembling from the cold water that clung to his skin, Boon looked over at the dirty cot like he’d just been given luxury accommodations. “Thanks, man.”

He’d thanked me too soon. It was only a matter of time before the man who’d killed two of our men took his last breath. Boon had given me what I needed to find Jasper and had done so without turning it into hours of senseless torture. He’d earned a couple hours sleep and one last meal, but then, like anyone else who double-crossed Satan’s Fury, he’d pay the ultimate price for his betrayal.


When I first moved to Memphis, Hallie was the only friend I really had. It took some time for me to warm up to my new life, mainly because a big part of me knew it was only a matter of time before my past caught up with me. I was scared, but eventually, Hallie convinced me to take a chance—that living a life in the shadows wasn’t really living. It was then that I finally started to venture out, and shortly afterwards, I ended up meeting my best friend, Jason. That day, I’d gone into the cutest little boutique to look for a Christmas gift for Hallie. As soon as I laid eyes on a snow globe with the Eiffel Tower in the center, I knew I’d found it. I rushed over to check out, and until then, I hadn’t even noticed the guy standing behind the counter. He was tall, really tall, and slender with a smile that was filled with mischief. I knew immediately that there was something about him I was going to like.

“Hi. Did you find everything okay?”

“Yes. Thanks.”

He took the snow globe off the counter, and as he gave it a quick shake, he asked, “Is this gonna be all?”

“Yes. That’s it.”

Still staring at the tiny white speckles that were floating around in the water, he said, “It’ll be eighteen bucks.”

I slid over a twenty. “Here ya go.”

As he reached for the money, he looked over and studied me for a moment. “Do you go to State?”

I was ashamed to answer. “No. I guess you could say that I’m kind of new to the area. I thought about taking some classes this fall, but I’m not sure if I can work it out. You know how it can be.”

“Oh, I totally get it.” He ran his fingers through his dark hair and sighed. “I’ve about decided that school just isn’t in the cards for me. I took a few classes in the spring, but flunked out. I guess I missed the memo where it said you actually have to go to class to pass.”

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