Say You'll Never Love Me(10)

By: Ann Everett

Revenge is a confession of pain.

~~Latin Proverb

THE CURVE OF HER hip, slant of her cheek, taste of her lips. All familiar, but they didn’t elicit the same reaction as in the past. If Julie had returned after a year, Jared would have welcomed her with open arms. But now, nothing. Well, the touch and smell of her caused him to get hard as any attractive, willing female rubbing against him would, but there was no love. Lust was another subject. If she wanted sex, he’d oblige.

He slid his palms to her ass, pulled her in nice and slow. She moved her fingers to the button on his jeans and made short work of undoing it, then the zipper.

No need for a trip to the bedroom. He’d take her right there. She had the same idea, because she reached under her skirt and shimmed out of her panties. He took protection from his wallet, dropped his pants and boxers to his knees, then heaved her onto the back of the chair. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she braced her hands on his shoulders.

He clutched her hips and drove into her hard, thrusting in and out, over and over, each plunge stronger. She locked her legs, and he gave her more. No foreplay. No kissing. Just a good old-fashioned-fuck-me-now. He didn’t care if she got pleasure out it. Sure as hell didn’t deserve any.

Her nails dug into the flesh of his biceps. An orgasm ripped through him and he growled with the release. He couldn’t remember his last fast and furious sex. Now came decision time. Send her away or keep her on the hook for a while? He’d never been that guy. He’d always taken pride in satisfying his lovers, but he’d erased her name from that list long ago.

She released her grip and fluttered her lashes. “Wow, baby. That was like you’d not had sex in a while. What’s the matter? Ex-girlfriend a little frigid? Is that why you broke up with her?”

Jared ignored her question, backed away, and dropped the condom in the trash. Hell, he should have double-bagged. No telling where she’d been.

He wasn’t a fool. She’d gone to the Big Apple with starry-eyed dreams of becoming famous and failed. She might be successful in Lubbock, Texas, but New York City was a different story. Artists from all over the world struggled to be featured in galleries there. If she planned to claim him as a consolation prize, she was as nutty as Beth.

At six the next morning, his phone chimed. Who the hell would call this early? Palming his cell, he focused on the screen, and eased out of bed. “Hey Jace, hold on a minute.” He pulled on his pajama pants and glanced at Julie, still asleep. After last night, she probably thought he was in her life again. She was in for a shock because she’d been double-fucked and didn’t know it. Screwed and screwed over. Wonder how she liked it? He stomped into the living room and put the cellphone back to his ear. “Something wrong?”

“Damn straight something’s wrong. I can tell by your low tone you’re not alone, and I’ll bet Julie’s there. Have you lost your friggin’ mind?”

“How do you know about her?”

“Beth Ann came by crying on Maggie’s shoulder. So what’s going on?”

“No need to worry.”

“Do you know how upset Mom will be when she finds out you’ve reconciled with Julie?”

“I haven’t.” Jared peered toward the bedroom to make sure his bed partner wasn’t listening. “I can’t talk right now. I’ll come by and fill you in later. Don’t say anything to Mom or Dad. And tell Maggie the same.”

“Stop by before you go to work. I’m not sure I can keep my little Magpie quiet about this.”

“Okay.” Jared disconnected and went to the coffeemaker. He’d surprised himself at the amount of anger he still had concerning the breakup.

Arms slid around him from behind and jarred him for his thoughts.

“Morning, Stud.” She giggled. “Lord, Jared. Once on the chair and two times in bed? That’s more sex than when we first got together. I hoped you’d be glad to see me, but I underestimated how much.”

Still naked, she angled to face him and tiptoed for a kiss. When their lips parted, she smiled. “After all this time, I still love you. I made a terrible mistake by leaving.”

He stepped back and chuckled without humor. “Only took four years?”

“I wanted to come back before then, but I was embarrassed. I’d made this big production about going to New York and had too much pride to admit I was wrong. But the longer I stayed, the more it became clear I’d never be happy there, away from you.” She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed him again, and melted into him.