Saved by Venom (Grabbed 3)(135)

By: Lolita Lopez


He slipped his hand under the pillow and retrieved the small coil of rope he’d hidden there. “Lucky for you, I’m always prepared.”

She shivered with delight and giggled. “Don’t I know it!”

Pushing up on his knees, Venom captured Dizzy between his chest and the bed. As he gazed down into her sweet face, everything else faded into the background—the war, the Splinters, the threats that awaited them around every corner. When he was with Dizzy, nothing else mattered. There were few guarantees in life but their love was one of them.

While Venom kissed and nibbled his way down the body he craved morning, noon and night, he decided it was time to remind her just how much she meant to him.

“Oh!” Dizzy’s pleasured gasp echoed in the stillness of their hotel room.

Venom grinned triumphantly. And I think I’ll start right about here…