Put Out (Kilgore Fire Book 5)(79)

By: Lani Lynn Vale

I swallowed as I thought about going back to the same hospital I’d spent a lot of shitty days in, and shook my head. “I’ll be there. What time? It’s not going to happen right off the bat.”

“I don’t know,” he grunted. “Be here midafternoon.”

I tossed the bag of garbage in the dumpster as I continued on my way to my bike.

“I’ll be there. Kiss Masen for me,” I ordered as I straddled my bike.

“Will do,” he promised. “See you soon.”

Booth hung up and I pocketed my phone.

“Brother again?” Ghost asked.

I turned to find the creepy fucker directly behind me.

“Yeah,” I confirmed. “Why?”

He shook his head.

“Only time we see you smile is when you’re on the phone with him or his wife,” he said, sounding all philosophical and shit. “Just wondering.”

With that he walked away, and disappearing around the side of the clubhouse as if he’d never been there at all.

Leaving me to drive all the way to the prison wondering what in the hell had just happened.

Had I just made a friend?

Ghost was one to talk. I didn’t think I ever saw him smile either.