Professional Boundaries(85)

By: Jennifer Peel

I had something else in mind too, I just needed to convince my husband that sooner was better than later. Of course, as always, he had a plan, and his plan was that we wait for at least a year before we tried to have a baby, but his plans didn’t always work out the best for us. My plan was to be as persuasive as possible. I liked my odds.

As the firelight danced on the frosted window of our cabin, I remembered a conversation we’d had about what he would call me in the office if we were ever to marry. He’d never answered me and I was still curious. “So, Mr. Greyson …”

I could feel his eyes roll at the name. I didn’t even need to look at him.

“… You never did say what you would have called me in the office after we were married.”

He pulled me tighter and laughed gently in my ear. “I never planned on working with my wife. If you hadn’t resigned, I would have, Mrs. Greyson.”

I sighed contently. I loved the sound of that name. “You really would have resigned?”



“Because there are some kinds of thoughts one should never have about a co-worker.” He smiled mischievously.

I looked up into his eyes and matched his smile with my own.

“What kind of thoughts?”

He kissed me lightly and then worked his way over to my ear where he whispered quietly. His words and touch sent shivers through my body.

“Mr. Greyson … how very unprofessional of you.”