Prime Obsession:The Prime Chronicles 01(8)

By: Monette Michaels

“Not mine,” Huw said, the sadness in his eyes easy to read for those who knew him well. “I have no gemat marking. But Iolyn does—as does Wulf.” Iolyn smiled. “Even if she is not mine, she will be the perfect mate for some lucky Prime male.”

Huw frowned. “We can’t take her with us, Maren—the Alliance would come after her. She is an officer—an important one from what her men told us.”

“No, but we can let nature and the power of the imprinting take its course. We just need to get her mate near her. Proximity, pheromones, and hormones will do the rest,” Maren stated.

“Maybe she has another mate already,” Huw said. “She has both Terrans and Volusians in her crew, both of those races have traces of our DNA in them and are compatible sexually.”

Maren threw both young men a smile as he approached Melina’s bed. “She isn’t married as the Alliance calls mating. I asked. Her second-in-command was quick to tell me that she keeps all men at a distance. I think he was warning me off, because he wishes her for himself. Yet, she is his superior, so he settles, for now, in protecting her from others.”

Iolyn grunted. “He is a stronger man than I. I could not be near my mate and not touch her. I would make her mine and warn all others off.” Huw nodded at his brother’s statement. “As would I.”

“Commander Nowicki is conflicted,” Maren said. “Also, I did not get the impression Melina thinks of him in that way.”

Iolyn smiled. “Nor did I. She treats him as a brother.” Huw gazed at the woman in the bed and uttered a low growl. “She is very beautiful.

And her muscled body is very female. She fights just as Prime female warriors of old did, before our women had to stop fighting alongside their mates.” Maren nodded. “She is a beauty. Her dark hair and green eyes are very common among our women. My sisters had the same coloring.” His brow creased as he studied her face. “She does remind me of someone, but I can’t place it. I do know that the people who raised her are not Prime—I had them checked out while they brought her to the room. They are Terrans from a place called Greece.”

Iolyn approached the bed. Leaning over, he inhaled deeply, then lightly stroked the back of her hand as it lay on top of the bedcovers. He shook his head. “She is not mine.

My mark is not responding.”

Huw touched his brother’s shoulder in sympathy.

“Watch the door,” Maren ordered. “I will check the gemate sign.” Lifting the sheet just enough to expose her hip and still protect her nudity, he found the intricate marking. He reverently traced the symbol that appeared on every Prime female when first exposed to the touch and scent of their perfect mate. Each imprinting created a unique set of markings—one on the female on her hip and one on the male on his chest near his heart. Exact matches in design.

Melina mumbled and twitched at his light touch, then settled back into a deep sleep.

Pulling his data pad from his pocket, he scanned the image into it and ordered a search of the Prime genetics database. All gemate symbols were stored at the time of imprinting and linked to their corresponding male match.

The data pad quickly beeped with a result.

Maren gasped, then rechecked the small screen. His eyes had not failed him. Melina Dmitros was truly the miracle he proclaimed her. Doubly so.

Happiness as he hadn’t experienced in the longest time surged through every pore in his body, making him feel years younger.

Reverently, he pulled the blanket over her. Stroking the back of one finger across her pale cheek, he whispered, “Welcome back, little one.” He turned. “Huw. Iolyn. Meet your brother’s mate. My precious niece, Olivia Maren-Wor neé Melina Dmitros.”

Chapter Two

Two months later

Prime Starship Galanti

Anger sweeping through him like a molten wave, Kenric Wulf Caradoc glared at the body of the traitor Solar, who’d aided the space pirates in slipping past his ship’s normally impenetrable security.

Turning to his brother Huw, he snarled, “Who helped him? This apayebo couldn’t have done it alone.”

“I don’t know—and we won’t be able to tell now,” his brother replied, eyeing the dead traitor. “Once we went under Code Argenta, all personnel shut down their stations and reported here under standard emergency procedures. If Solar had help, that person, or persons, is either dead, with the pirates—or here, hiding in plain sight.”

“Find Iolyn and Maren. Bring them to me,” Wulf ordered. “Trust no one else. We need to plan, to watch. We are too far from Prime space. I have issued a call for Alliance assistance.”

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