Prime Obsession:The Prime Chronicles 01(123)

By: Monette Michaels

“I can do that.” He stroked a finger across the swell of her breasts, exposed by the deeply cut bodice. She shivered in response.

“Wulf?” Her gaze quizzical. She cupped his chin with one had, pulling his face to hers. “I sense something bad has happened. What is it?”

“Father and I went to interrogate Beria and Luka further about their involvement with the purists.” He paused and sighed heavily. “They were both dead.” Melina gasped. “How? Who?”

“They were poisoned,” Wulf said. “Probably in their evening meal. As for who, isn’t it obvious?”

“The purists.”

“Yes. Probably payback for the loss of so many of their men.” Melina laid her head against his shoulder and idly stroked his thigh with a finger.

“So, the leader of the purists is able to adapt and plan.”

“Looks like it,” Wulf said, as he began to remove the delicate confection that she wore. “I still think you are correct in surmising that the rebels have very little military training—which gives us an advantage. But the leader—”

“The leader has inside connections at the highest level and the ability to kill political prisoners in a maximum security cell,” Melina concluded.

“Yes,” Wulf whispered against her hair. “Such a man could prove to be a formidable foe.”

“Let’s worry about that—later,” she whispered against his lips.

Wulf smiled and bit her lower lip so very gently. “It is always later with you, lubha.”

“For some things, my love,” she replied, “but not for this.” She stroked his glowing gemat marking. “I always love you now.”

The End