Prime Obsession:The Prime Chronicles 01(120)

By: Monette Michaels

Nadia had said “us,” but Mel intuited that her friend had meant just “me.”

“Yeah,” Mel chuckled, “he could do that. He’s very much like his brother. I’m not sure how their mother survived all that alpha-male testosterone all these years. The woman deserves a medal.”

Nadia smiled weakly at Mel’s obvious attempt to lighten the mood.

Mel joined her, crouching down, her arm with the weapon lying lightly across her knees, keeping her maneuverability. “Good choice of rock, Nadia.” Looking around, she sensed Wulf’s current location.

 “Wulf, we are half way up the mountain in a direct line of sight from your current position. I see a path beginning in an outcropping of rocks to your left about twenty degrees.”

She also sent him an image of what the exit looked like and the position of Nadia’s and her rock.

“Got it. Hold on, love. We’re coming.”


“Father. Huw and I will join Nadia and Melina up on the mountain.” Wulf pointed toward the spot Melina had described. “The women are safe, but have minimal weapons and are watching the only back way out of the underground fortifications.”

“They are unhurt?” His father asked, concern for them evident in his dark gold eyes.

“Yes.” Wulf shook his head, swiping shaky fingers through his hair. “No. I think Melina is underplaying their injuries. I sensed her pain—and her concern for Nadia.”

“Nadia is injured?” Huw stiffened and cast an agonized glance at the mountainside.

“Let’s go. I don’t like them up there alone—and undefended.”

“They got themselves away from their captors, brother,” Iolyn said. “I’m sure they are in a defensible position and have armed themselves.”

“They have,” Wulf said, “but they’re naked—and their weapons are ancient battle-blades they found in the old fortification.” Both Iolyn and Huw snarled something which would never be translated. “Which is why Huw and I will go get them. Do not attack until you hear my battle cry.”

“Go quickly, my sons,” his father urged. “I’ll direct the attack at your signal.” His father glanced around at the approximately twenty crew men called in from Gold Squadron. “I know your and Melina’s crew will fight superbly.” One sharp jerk of his head was the only acknowledgment he gave his father as he turned and led Huw toward the path that would lead them to the women.

“Wulf,” Huw murmured “What did Melina tell you?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing,” rasped Wulf, “which is why we’re heading up to play defense rather than attacking and killing the apayebote that took our women.”

“Your woman,” Huw corrected. “Nadia is nothing to me but a fellow officer and crew member.”

“Congratulations. You said that with a straight face, brother,” snorted Wulf. “Who are you fooling? You’ve got the hots for Nadia Petrovich and have since you first met her.”

“She is Terran, brother,” Huw said. “I’m holding out for a Prime bond mate such as yours.”

Wulf grunted. “And what if that never occurs? Are you willing to be alone forever?” When his brother didn’t answer, Wulf chanced a sidelong glance. Huw’s face was creased in worry lines. His expression grim—and sad. No, his brother wouldn’t be happy alone. Of the three of them, Huw had always been the most light-hearted, the most family-oriented.

 “ Lubha ? Are you okay? We have started toward you.”

 “We’re fine. Cold. Thirsty. Sore. But we’ll do. Why are you sad?”

 “Huw is denying his attraction to Nadia. Says he wants a Prime mate and will do without if he doesn’t find one.”

 “Well, we’ll see. Once he sees her … well, we’ll see.”

“You were talking with Melina,” Huw stated. “Are they okay?”

“Yes. We’ll see them soon—around the next curve.”

Both of them sped up. Senses wide open, Wulf searched for any unseen enemy lurking in the rocks along the well-trod path. Huw’s head was up, his gaze scanning. His brother caught his glance, and Wulf shook his head. Nothing out there but the women.

Increasing their speed, they rounded the corner.

Melina stood and protected Nadia, who leaned against a rock. Their science officer was pale and bleeding sluggishly from a head wound. Both women sported multiple bruises and cuts.

All of this Wulf took in one glance. He moved toward Melina, who moved toward him. Huw, swearing under his breath, raced to Nadia.

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