Prime Obsession:The Prime Chronicles 01(116)

By: Monette Michaels

Luka attacked as soon as she finished speaking. “You stupid bitch.” He slapped her across the face. “They had nothing. Why did you confess?” Wulf’s father pulled the irate man away from Beria.

“Stop trying to act the man for a change,” sneered Beria. “I confessed since a battle-mate oath is absolute proof. Even I can see they are fully bonded—and that damn Maren family carried the battle-mate gene.”

She shrugged as she sat in the closest chair. “Plus, the rebels are out of my control.

Have been for a long time. Eliminating me will not stop them.”

“Who leads them, Beria?” Ilar asked.

“I don’t know. We always used small fish as go betweens. It could be anybody.” She laughed, a crazy, high-pitched cackle. “Who would’ve thought when we started this all that Wulf would find a bond-mate—and have her be a battle-mate on top of that?” Her laughter grew more and more shrill until she fell off the chair to the ground, her body shaking with the hysteria that had overtaken her, white froth coming from her mouth.

“Take her away,” growled Wulf to a Council security officer summoned by his father. “Lock her up in our guardhouse until we can take her in front of the Council.” The man nodded and grabbed Beria’s arm and pulled her up, then marched her out of the room.

Wulf’s father shoved Luka into another officer’s hands. “Put him in a separate room.

I wouldn’t trust him not to strangle her.” His father turned toward him. “Son? Can you touch Melina’s mind?”

Wulf shook his head. “She is unconscious and unaware of what is going on. Once she awakens. I’ll know it.” Wulf turned to Huw and Iolyn. “What are the surveillance teams reporting?”

“We have two teams following the vehicle that took Nadia and Melina from this house,” Huw said, his voice tight with tension. Wulf knew his brother worried for more than just Melina. Huw cared about the Terran Nadia more than he’d admit. “More are joining them. They will stay far enough back so as not to spook the captors. We also have air and satellite support.”

“Good.” Wulf pointed to two Gold Squad soldiers who had just entered the room.

“Take care of Dr. Morgan and my mother.”

The men nodded. He strode toward the door.

“Let’s join the chase. I don’t want Melina and Nadia being held any longer than necessary. If the captors follow Beria’s orders, they’ll kill our women when they stop.

We need to be ready to move on them.”

Huw, Iolyn and his father followed Wulf out of the house. No one said a word. They all knew what they had to do.

Chapter Twenty-One

Mel lay on something cold and hard. Every muscle in her body protested. The dull pain of incipient bruises told her that someone had handled her body as if it were a bag of grain. She kept her eyes closed, faking continued unconsciousness. She was not alone.

In the background a sudden slapping noise, that of a hand against skin, followed by a male grunt. Angry, guttural male voices spoke somewhere near her. The men spoke in colloquial Prime, but she was able to follow the gist of the conversation.

“Stupid. The leader said not to harm the females.” Obviously, the one who delivered the slap.

A second male voice responded, “The blonde bitch tried to bite me.” Nadia was alive. That was good. “Should I just let her get away with it?” The slapper snarled. “Are you telling me you can not subdue one small Terran female without kicking her in the ribs and then attempting rape?”

“She is not as weak as you would suppose,” the slappee said. “She broke my skin. I could catch some rare Terran bacteria. You know they are just a step above filthy animals.”

The slappee would pay for that remark, Mel vowed.

“Stupid fool.” A pause. “Get up. I didn’t hurt you. Don’t come into this room again.

The leader will be by later to determine what to do with the women.” Another slap and then a thud. A whisp of air told her that the slappee had fallen to the ground near her. What an idiot. If these were the type of fanatics they were up against, it shouldn’t take too long to root them all out of their hiding places and squash them like the low-intelligence-invertebrates they resembled.

She kept her breathing slow and even. Had the slappee hurt Nadia badly? She couldn’t chance looking until both idiots were out of the room.

A scuffling noise as the one who’d been knocked to the ground got to his feet. His harsh breathing indicated the slapper had hurt him. Good.

“I thought we were going to ransom them,” the slappee said between gasping breaths. Definitely a beta-slug playing at being alpha.

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